Welcome To Omniverse Horizons!

Info Enigmatica 6 Server, CURRENT VERSION: 0.4.10

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New modded server, now Enigmatica 6, contains 304 mods on 1.16.5 on Forge.
You will need the Curseforge launcher to play, GDLauncher is also an option if you want but I'm using the CF launcher. I wouldn't recommend using MultiMC unless you import it as when I used it it automatically downloaded 0.4.8 instead of letting me select the version.

The version is 0.4.9, it's an alpha release
enigmatica 6.PNG

1. Search for Enigmatica 6
2. Go to versions
3. Download Enigmatica6-0.4.10.zip

enigmatica 6_2.PNG

IP Address is aof.omniverse.rocks

Info All of Fabric 3 Modded Server

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I thought it might be fun to set up a modded server for those who would be interested in some beyond vanilla content. I've also always wanted a modpack on the server for many years so now there is one.

You will need to download the curseforge app from overwolf to get the modpack
Once you've downloaded it you can
1. Search for All of fabric 3.
2. Go to the versions tab
3. download version 2.6.10

the rules are still the same, and while there aren't as many protections in modded as there are with vanilla, I did find a mod for logging and rollbacks, so if anyone does end up stealing/griefing I can find out who it was and ban accordingly.

IP address is aof.omniverse.rocks and the server will be released Saturday (3/6/21).
I don't really know what to expect performance wise...

PSA Omniverse Horizons Future

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Now that Omniverse Earth is out what does this mean for Horizons? Well, my focus is now on Earth and I will no longer be providing anymore gameplay or bug fixes to Horizons, the server will stay up and you will be able to continue to play on there if you wish but the a lot of things finally broke once 1.16 came out and I don't really have the time to maintain two codebases. Creating Omniverse Earth allowed me to make a bunch of breaking changes that I could not apply to the Horizons server.

Again, you're still welcome to play on Horizons if you want, just know that it will no longer be supported.

PSA Omniverse Earth - Ranks

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There are some different ranks on the Omniverse Earth. They can all be obtained through playing normally or optionally supporting us on patreon.

Rank NamePerks
NewNo Perks
Traveler/workbench and lava usage
SettlerAbility to use [Town Warp] signs and /Disposal
Citizen/echest a portable enderchest
Netherwalker/hat - place something on your head
Enderkin/speedup access to LWC /cmagnet lets chests suck up items from nearby
Wayfinder/leap - Allows you to jump really high
Globetrotter/fly - fly throughout the world
Aetherseeker/zoom - fly faster
Pioneer/nightvision - gives you the night vision potion...

New Feature Omniverse Earth - McMMO

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McMMO is one of the plugins used on the server and it directly ties in with jobs. Instead of earning money you get skills that give you different abilities depending on the job you have and the action you are taking.

Here is how the skills are laid out.
Every job has access to the acrobatics and repair skill. The repair skill is limited for jobs that don't take advantage of it though, Most jobs will not take advantage of Super Repair, Repair Mastery or Repair Bonus.

JobsMcMMO Skills
Alchemy, Excavation, Herbalism
Woodcutting, Axes​
Unarmed, Salvage, Smelting​
Salvage, Swords Smelting​
Excavation, Mining​

PSA Omniverse Earth - North America

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The Omniverse Earth is now live!

After a few months of work, and three weeks of non-stop generating, the first continent is ready to be released! We will be starting with North America at a size of 50,492 x 32,884. When you first log in to the server you will be teleported to a random location in North America to help spread people out. If you don't like where you ended up you can also use /rwarp to teleport somewhere else.

You can build and destroy in the wild but the only way to protect your stuff is with Towny and of course LWC. There won't be a wastelands for a few days while I decide what to do with the Horizon wastelands. What this means, however, is that you can now build roads or nether hubs between towns for faster transportation.

The map of the new world is located here

You can directly connect through the IP Address

Info Omniverse Earth - Void Storage

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Void Storage is a form of storage for: any building blocks, any items that stack, and any items that can not be eaten. The bags come in three different sizes: small, large and huge.

  • Small voids can hold 1,000 items.
  • Large voids can hold 5,000 items.
  • Huge voids can hold 10,000 items.

Void Storages can only be crafted by the Inventor job. Every 10 levels after 20 will allow you to unlock a new size of void storage.

A small unformed void can be crafted with four ghast tears and an eye of ender.
Large voids can be crafted with a dragon egg and one ghast tear.
Huge voids will be crafted with eight ghast tears and one dragon egg.

To use your void storage, after you have received the item you can right click it to put an applicable item into the center. Once you have done that you click on the nether star and your item is now imprinted on it.

  • To store...​

Info Omniverse Earth - Boxes Of Holding

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One of the features on Omniverse Earth is going to be the boxes of holding. What these items allow you to do is store any item in a shulker box that you do not need to place. You just right click and it will open. They can go on your hotbar, in your inventory or wherever you want to put them. The only limit is that you can not store them inside of another shulker box, or themselves.

The boxes can be obtained through voting or crafting via jobs. The jobs that can craft these new boxes are: Artisan, Blacksmith, and Enchanter.
Level 30 can craft a "medium" sized box with 27 slots.
Level 40 can craft a "large" box with 36 slots.
Boxes with 45 and 54 slots will be obtainable through voting rewards.

The 27 slot box can be crafted with two shulker shells, a chest and two flawless leather. Flawless leather is a Rare drop from entities that regularly drop leather, such as cows.
The box with 36 slots can is crafted the same way but uses four flawless leather instead.


Info Omniverse Earth - Jobs

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Omniverse Earth will be using a custom version of the Jobs plugin to allow players to earn money for completing various tasks that depends on the type of job they've chosen. Here is a list of the jobs on the new server.

Alchemist - Brewing potions.
Arborist - Chopping down trees and large mushrooms.
Artisan - Crafting most items and blocks.
Blacksmith - Crafting armor and weapons and also repairing those items.
Builder - Building with most blocks.
Enchanter - Enchanting items and books.
Excavator - Digging out more common blocks such as dirt, soul sand etc.
Explorer - Exploring the world.
Farmer - Harvesting crops, killing farm animals, and breeding farm animals.
Hunter - Killing mobs with a bow and money for taming wild animals.
Inventor - Crafting redstone related items.
Miner - Mining ores in the world.
Monster Hunter - Kill monsters by any means.
Survivor - Prepare foods, kill fish, and go fishing.
Treasure Hunter - Loot monster drops and loot chests.

15 Jobs in total.
As you...

PSA Announcing Omniverse Earth

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Omniverse Earth will be released on October 16th.
Omniverse Earth will be a server with a map based on the Earth at a 1:225 scale. This means that every 225 meters in the real world equates to one block in game. The server itself contains a lot of changes than what is on Horizons so the only thing that will be transferring over is your playtime hours and Patreon status. Inventories, money, towns and anything else will not transfer over to the new server.

Couple of things that would've made it very difficult to carry inventories over to the new server are:
Fully global balances. On OmniEarth your global balance is your balance. This means you can now buy and sell while offline.
New Inventory system. Instead of using a custom method to save your inventory we now just use Mojang's method. Inventories are still "global" (assuming there are multiple servers) but they are also now more resistant to change...

Info Custom Items 7/16/20

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I updated the server today and with that comes the ability to update your items to their latest iteration. This permanently removes the italics from the items and gives any item that didn't have a color a dark blue one.

new onion.PNG

The only custom items that aren't fixed right now are void storage and anvilcrafting.

Bug Fixes Bug Fixes 7/8/20

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Bug fixes related to the 1.16.1 update.

Netherite tools can be enchanted now.
You can no longer place blocks from the storage void until i rewrite the plugin.
New nether ores will give miner EXP.
Drill will now work on the new blocks.
Glowstone dust recipe removes the tag now.
Unformed voids can be created again.
Custom Items can be used in recipes again.

PSA Omniverse Horizons is now on 1.16.1

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The Nether update has arrived on horizon! A new 1.16 nether has been added to the settlement world and the wastelands nether has been reset. If you encounter any bugs please report them on the bug forums. Any missing additions for 1.16 can be put in the suggestions forums, I'm sure there are things that I missed.
Added new blocks and mobs to jobs listed below.
  • Ancient_debris
  • Gilded_blackstone
  • Nether_gold_ore
  • Netherite_ingot
  • Basalt
  • Blackstone
  • Warped_nylium
  • Crimson_nylium
  • Shroomlight
  • Soul_soil
  • Zoglin
  • Zombified_piglin
  • Hoglin
  • Piglin
  • Chain...

New Feature Ponderous Automation: Automation Has Arrived!

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I have been working hard on making a plugin that will help cut down on hopper usage by being more performant and better than hoppers. PA is that solution.

There will be four machine on launch and each machine will have it's own recipe, UI and some information about the machine so you know its stats. Machines can be leveled up and will do different things based on their level. To increase the level of your machine you will need to use in-game currency and the cost increases per level.

Block Breaker
The block breaker will break blocks in front of its face and drop them on the ground. Increasing the level of the machine will cause blocks to break at a quicker interval. No EXP is dropped.

Block Placer
Placers will place a block in front of their face that can be combined...

Bug Fixes Update 4/27/20

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Allowed silk touch to drop pure ores for iron and gold.
Fixed typo in excavator for magma blocks.
Onions buds will now drop more seeds sometimes.
Uranium miner will receive more money for redstone.
You can now turn off /reach with /reach off or by retoggling /reach
Farmer job bag can now hold melon slices.
Lettuce seeds should now also drop more often.

Also taking a server backup today.

New Feature Server Simplification

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/spawn will now take you to that servers main spawn world instead of teleporting you to a spawn world on another server. Basically typing /spawn in the Resource world will now keep you in the resource world.

Built a new, smaller spawn. This one uses holograms to guide the player through a short tutorial that leads to some boats that take them to either the Wastelands or the Towny world.

Custom portals have been added to the server as well. Step through an area and you will be teleported somewhere else on the server! The boats at the new spawn and the portal right next to where you spawn in for the first time take advantage of this new feature. Hoping to open up this feature to everyone in the future so anyone can make portals. Stay tuned for that.

Custom Achievements

I wanted to add custom achievements to the server to give a longer term goal of playing as well as potentially simplifying new features for new players. There are...

New Feature New Server Economy Page

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Behind the scenes we've been working on this page for a while, and now players can access all the chest-shop data we collect in one handy chart!

You can access the page here: https://www.omniverse.rocks/economy/

If you hover over any point it will give you more details:

Light red - Min / Max price for each day
Yellow - Average Daily Price
Bright Red - 7 day moving average
Green - Quantity of items per day

Bug Fixes Bug Fixes 2/18/20

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Fixed Enchanter job upgrades.
Fixed bonus plots not persisting between restarts.
Fixed potent redstone dust not working at level 30.
Villagers can have the names over their head hidden by right clicking on them, then they should only be shown when you mouse over them.
Mob heads should stack properly from voting again. The ones you got during this time wont stack.
Uncontaminated ore works in blast furnaces again.
Cornflowers and lilies of the valley can be grown in pots now.
Bee nests will be populated with bees when you grow them from a sapling now.
Fixed an exploit.

New Feature Villagers Re-enabled

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Villagers are now re-enabled and I have made a few more changes beyond that.

Any villagers you interact with now will have their enchanted book trades scanned and adjusted. The trades will no longer take books and will instead take a combination of emerald blocks and emeralds for their trades.
aqua_affinity: 16
bane_of_arthropods: 8
blast_protection: 8
channeling: 24
binding_curse: 1
vanishing_curse: 1
depth_strider: 15
efficiency: 10
feather_falling: 16
fire_aspect: 12
fire_protection: 8
flame: 13
fortune: 20
frost_walker: 20
impaling: 10
infinity: 20
knockback: 8
looting: 15
loyalty: 10
luck_of_the_sea: 9
lure: 9
mending: 500
multishot: 10
piercing: 10
power: 8
projectile_protection: 8
protection: 9
punch: 7
quick_charge: 8
respiration: 10
riptide: 10
sharpness: 10
silk_touch: 15
smite: 8
sweeping_edge: 8
thorns: 6
unbreaking: 10
These are the new emerald requirements for villagers with enchanted book trades. The costs are multiplied by the level of the enchanted...

PSA Villagers and Mending

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Once again villager trading is disabled due to balance issues, this time related to super cheap enchanted books ( like mending ). Unfortunately because they were available so cheap it completely undermines the balance of blacksmith and enchanter jobs.

Anyone that has large quantities of mending books is asked to either diposal them or contact a staff lead / creator for disposal. We will be refunding the books with the emeralds/ equiv trade materials as best we can. We hope you understand our reasoning. You may keep a small quantity ( like 5 per person) for personal use, and not for selling.

At this point, I personally am getting tired of having to deal with villagers, and i would love to hear why people love them so much ( besides the broken cheap trades ).

Never said or meant to imply they would be disabled forever, this is just an announcement about it being disabled again now.

The reason cheap enchanted books destroy a large part of the player economy is two fold...

Bug Fixes Bug Fixes 2/4/20

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Colorama activates when you are attacked by an entity.
Nation chat works both ways across the server
Horses will not delete themselves when you die while riding them. Instead the horses will go back to the stable.
Artisans will receive exp for dark prismarine.
Builder bags have added dark prismarine, smooth stone and prismarine bricks.
huge voids can imprint on brick blocks again.
Blast furnaces will give GoS experience for smelting iron ingots and gold ingots. Gold will also now give out 45 experience.
Fixed inability to craft carbon dioxide so now sodas can be crafted again.
Lettuce seeds will more likely drop from melon stems now.
Fixed an invalid item situation with the /claim system where wall blocks would not give you the actual block back when you claimed them.
Fixed red and blue sponges not working.
Fixed cornflowers and lily of the valley experience.
Fixed containment eggs duplicating animals in boats.

Ensorcell will be...

PSA Rainy Days Ahead Begins February 1st

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rainy cosmetic.PNG
Rain in February, how terrible. This months voting contest people will win a rain cloud that follows them around and will constantly keep them drenched in water. A depressing end to the winter, but new growth and sunshine is usually to follow.

How many will be given away?

I will be giving away 5 of these cloudy helmets away this month.
How can I win one?

Simple, the top 3 players will be guaranteed this watery helmet
and 2 people in the top 30 will be the next lucky winners.
1-3 receives 100 extra voting points
4-10 receives 250 extra voting points
11-30 100 Extra Voting Points
31-50 50 Extra Voting Points

Bug Fixes Bug Fixes 1/27/20

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  • Tracking should now be fixed.
  • Chickens should now spawn from eggs
  • Blockchaining has been re-enabled and you can no longer place blocks outside of town borders.
  • Armor can be locked now

  • You do not need to drop the items when crafting custom items any longer to get the EXP.
  • Sugar cookies and strawberry shortcake work again

In addition to these two bug fixes any time a recipe has a missing item now it should be replaced with bedrock making it impossible to craft, so if you see any recipes with bedrock in them make a bug report letting me know which one it is.

  • Cornflower and lily of the valley seeds have been added and can now be planted in pots.

  • Plot borders can be disabled with...

PSA Towny Data

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Recently the server had an issue with towny data and I'm guessing around 200 towns were snapped out of existence. I don't know how this happened honestly and I'm going to work to make sure it never happens again but in the meantime the only backups I have are from the 23rd and they only cover the town blocks. Luckily the town blocks are one of the most important parts of the town so the issue can be mostly fixed.

If you were someone that had their town deleted entirely you will need to re-make the town and preferably put the homeblock in the same place as it was before it was deleted (not a big deal if you dont). Make sure you re-create the town with the EXACT same name as you had it before otherwise this process will not work and you won't get your town blocks back.

If you only lost SOME blocks of in your town again make a help request with your towns EXACT name and i'll be able to recover all the town blocks that you had from the 23rd. Even if you claimed some of the blocks...

PSA Updated to 1.15.2 and bug fixes

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Omniverse Horizons has updated to 1.15.2.

Wastelands has had its border increased to 5120 in each direction meaning the world is now 10,240x10,240 in the overworld.

Few bug fixes
Dark Prismarine will give EXP now.
Mining job bag has more items in its whitelist.
Blacksmith can hold items that the soldier job bag used to be able to hold.
Icefishing will receive exp for ice.
Farmer bags can hold carrots and potatoes and other custom crops again.
Tried to fix anvils again.

PSA Genesis is now live!

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Genesis has returned! Build to your hearts content or prototype your builds for use in survival! You will still gain playtime on Genesis but no job experience and towny chats do not carry to this server.

You can get to the server with /warp creative.

To get started you can fly around the world and do /plot buy on an unclaimed plot in the world or you can just do /plot auto to get a plot automatically assigned to you.

if you want to find out about more commands that you could potentially use, check out the PlotSquared command wiki!
in the future we'll have the commands that you can use stored in our wiki but for now you can use their wiki.

Happy Building!

Bug Fixes Bug Fixes 1/2/20

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  • 2
The fixing will never end.

Void bags will no longer deposit items onto your head or body.
Many cauldron brewing bugs fixed
Sharpness V and Vampirism V should now be obtainable in the ensorcell table.
Town warps should no longer delete themselves after this restart.
Fixed some bags with missing whitelist blocks.
Wood blockchaining wont turn the blocks into wood.
Stone blockchaining wont turn all slabs into stone slabs.
Fixed a few bugs with anvils not combining items properly.

Job Upgrades for Builder were removed.

PSA The Land Of Creation, Coming January 2020

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The Genesis​
In January we will be releasing the creative server so that you can build to your hearts content on a clean slate of land. If you want to prototype for future town builds you will be able to do just that!

Genesis will be running the PlotSquared plugin.

Bug Fixes Bug Fixes 12/27/19

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More bug fixes

Fishermen will now get experience for fishing in boats.

Pot Crop harvesting will no longer harvest infinitely.
Builder bags have had more items added to their whitelist.
Bows will give string when salvaged
Builders reach shouldn't place blocks where they shouldn't
Smooth stone and other blocks should work with block chaining now.

PSA The Race to the Crown

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  • 3
December 31st at 6pm CST, 4pm PST or Midnight GMT marks the beginning of the first voting contest of the new server! Rainbow elytra? Nah, we have crowns to give out this time! For this month we will be giving away five voting crowns to the top voters of January. We will also be giving away extra voting points for the other 45 people that are in the top 50!

Rewards are as follows.
  • 1-5 Voting Crown.
  • 6-10 250 Extra Voting Points.
  • 11-25 100 Extra Voting Points
  • 26-50 50 Extra Voting Points

Good luck to everyone!
~ Omniverse Team​

Bug Fixes Bug Fixes 12/14/19

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  • 0
Here are some of the latest bug fixes

Fixed the town upgrade system when trying to deposit something you haven't deposited before (again)
Fixed the wording that the upgrade progress wording has.
Fixed a bug that caused large amounts of lag to the server.

Excavator's Galoshes will now use leather boots
Flower pots will gain experience by Artisan
You can no longer put custom items in the grindstone any longer (this might affect other items, make a bug report if there is something you should be able to put in but can't)
Wither Skull Shards can be crafted again.

PSA The Omniverse is now 1.15.1!

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It has finally happened, the Omniverse is now updated to the latest version of Minecraft!

The time has also come to set sail again to look for some new land untouched by players, but in the process we managed to shipwreck and will need to conduct repairs before we set sail again.

You can now see what town you are in from the wastelands and you should be able to chat with your town members from the Wastelands as well.

Villager Trading has been re-enabled, there will be more re-balancing to trading later. To get it re-enabled we just disabled the Hero of the Village effect so there will be no more extreme discounts for trading.

Bug Fixes
Concrete powder will now give artisan experience.
Mending can now be crafted for level 40 blacksmiths.
Elytra can be repaired with vanilla anvils.
Vine crops should give job experience now.
Pure smelting recipes work again.
Sugar cookies and other recipes that weren't giving the proper...

World Builders Charity

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  • 0
My nerdy friends its time for the annual world builders charity drive!

Every $10 is an entry to the main prize lottery: https://worldbuilders.org/lottery/

If any of you are fans of Pat Rothfuss, you can donate on his team page for even more prizes: https://fundraise.worldbuilders.org/fundraiser/2519400

Charity Drive ends on DEC 17th.

Bug Fixes Jobs 11/25/19

  • 2,576
  • 0
added smooth stone, bone blocks, dried kelp blocks and conduits.
added sea pickle to water blocks category.
added stripped logs, stripped wood and wood to the wood categories.
added a coral category for all the coral blocks.

Treasure Hunter
added trident experience to treasure hunter.
added phantom membranes to treasure hunter.
added nautilus shells since drowned will drop them.

experience for crafting turtle shells.
experience for crafting conduits.
added concrete powder category.

experience for fishing up nautilus shells.

Added Slow Falling potions to Cauldron Crafting. Crafted with feathers.

Monster Hunter
Added Phantoms and Drowned.

Fixed embassy plots being unclaimable.

PSA Towny Levels and Job Cooldown Bypass 11/22/19

  • 2,500
  • 0
Town leveling has now been made easier and I can now change the configs to make it easier or more difficult to level a town up. With that said, I have lowered the requirements to level your town up or spread out the requirements to items that you will more likely have.

/job cooldown has been added. You can now pay money to decrease or completely remove your cooldown. The cost is 80 dollars per minute of cooldown and with the tab complete function you can either use "all" or it will display the exact amount of money you would need to remove the cooldown. You can also give a lesser amount and it will take a portion of the cooldown off.

Fixed a cauldron brewing bug
Fixed a custom recipe not giving exp for artisan
Fixed the builder bricklayer job upgrade
*Potentially?* fixed the server restarts resetting job bonus EXP

Bug Fixes 11/17/19

  • 2,404
  • 0
  • UG and UI ores smelting into ingots (for good this time?)
  • Recipes such as diamond blocks wont accept flawless diamonds anymore
  • Rank color for voting
  • Glass of Skills commands
  • /gos top <skill> or /gos top if you want to see overall levels
  • /gos skill <skill> to see information about a certain skill

New Feature The Trees... They're Changing!

  • 2,433
  • 0

Arborist's Delight
The trees in the Omniverse have begun mutating and dropping abnormal saplings that are causing the trees to grow in strange ways! It all started when the fruit bearing trees mysteriously began changing and becoming larger than they used to be and it now appears to have spread to Oak, Birch, Spruce, Jungle and Acacia trees!
To collect these new saplings you will have to log(!) in and begin chopping down trees to discover all of the new tree mutations!

glowstone not included.

Bug Fixes Bug Fixes 10/14/19

  • 2,379
  • 1
Many more bug fixes to clean up that list again. Thank you to everyone who has continued to find these bugs and report them.

Fixed the Spelunker, Prospector and Gildedchef job upgrades.
Removed Firestarter job upgrade.
Fixed Artisan not getting experience for smelting brick.
Fixed the Monster Hunter sword not working properly.

Hoppers will now lock automatically.
%item should play nicely with potions and spawn eggs now. (old legacy code from 1.12)
./command. is the default way to link commands again
The fires should finally extinguish.

Added some missing cauldron brewing ingredients and upgraded names from old 1.12 names.
Fixed anvilcrafting only working on undamaged anvils (1.12 code)
No more anvil/tome weirdness, it should always display the enchant it is going to place on the item now.
ThonkCrafting items can now be crafted to their next stages without closing the inventory. (Tag gets removed when you click on the item now)

PSA ThonkCrafting & Bug Fixes 11/13/19

  • 2,460
  • 0
Crafting Protection has been re-implemented!

Now when you try and craft your precious flawless diamonds into a diamond block, you will no longer be able to do so!

I had implemented this a while back but it made other recipes funky, I tested out a few recipes this time and they seemed to work like normal, but I can't test every single recipe so let me know if there are any that are weird.

Bug Fixes
Towny perms for deputy mayors and assistants claiming plots should be fixed.
/radar should now give the correct location

PSA Anvil Crafting, Job Items & Bug Fixes 11/10/19

  • 2,852
  • 0
After many many hours of re-writing recipes and adding things to configs, Anvil Crafting and Job items are finally on the server!

Anvil Crafting
To create a mold for potion infused armor, you will need to have blacksmith levels anywhere from 20-40 depending on the material.
Create the mold in the same way you'd create a regular piece of armor but you will instead use Flawless materials (diamond, iron, gold)
Once you have made the mold you can search your green recipe book to see the different infusions you can make. In a few days we will have a wiki page so you don't have to only look in game.
Once you have selected your choice of infusion you'll craft the recipe and then put the piece of armor on top of a vanilla anvil. Once the item is on the anvil you will "hammer" it by clicking left click repeatedly on the anvil with an axe. Once the sound changes you can dip the mold into a cauldron with water and voila, you have your very own infused armor!


PSA Cauldron Brewing 11/8/19

  • 2,278
  • 0
Cauldron Brewing has been re-added! You can now create your haste potions again!

Bug Fixes
Only monsters will count as spawner mobs now.

Next Update: Working on Documentation for everything on the server to explain what is what.

PSA Cropocalypse Trees & Bug Fixes 11/6/19

  • 2,532
  • 1
Cropocalypse Trees have been redone and we now have the ability to add more styles as well as the ability to add more tree crops!
After you have voted on all the sites you can enable a pref in the new "Voting" category to hide the reward messages. If you don't want to see what other people are winning, there you go! Did you know that you also get a 1.25x boost for voting on all the sites?

Endermen and Pigmen farms are rather unbalanced, but rather than nerfing the EXP and income they provide we have improved on our detection code. Mobs will be tagged and those that get tagged with give you 20% of the EXP and income that they normally would.

Bug fixes
Uncontaminated gold ore turning into a gold ingot in a blasting furnace.
Peanuts and spice seeds not planting in pots

New Feature Towny Tab Completion

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You can now tab complete all the towny commands.


PSA Towny Plot Costs MK2

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Ok, bringing back the plot multiplier reduction per player because I want people to be invited to towns when they join.

You can see the plot multipliers here. Every player in your town will decrease your plot multiplier by .1x down to a minimum cost of 25 dollars.

The difference this time is you can have alts in your town, but if you abuse this you may be asked to remove some of the alts in your town.

We will also be looking into reducing town material costs to make it easier to achieve higher levels.

PSA ThonkCrafting Additions 11/2/19

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ThonkCrafting now supports multiple results per recipe!

Beef Jerky can now be crafted with rotten flesh or cooked beef.
Leather Containment eggs can be crafted with a piece of leather now rather than 4 rabbit hides.

If you want to be able to craft things more quickly here are some helpful recipes
6 books and 3 logs will net you 2 bookshelves
2 feathers, 2 flint and 1 plank will give you 8 arrows
3 bones gives you a bone block
3 logs in the bowl shape will give you 16 bowls
3 hay blocks in a line will give you 9 bread
2 logs will give you 16 sticks
8 logs in a chest formation will give you 4 chests
7 logs in the ladder formation will give you 24 ladders or with planks will give you 6 ladders
1 log and 8 coal/charcoal will give you 32 torches

PSA Containment Eggs Added!

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Eggs so that you can capture hostiles and farm animals have been added!

Leather Containment eggs can be crafted with an egg and 4 rabbit hides on all sides of the egg.
Iron Containment - Crafted with 8 iron nuggets around the egg.
Gold Containment - Crafted with 8 gold nuggets around the egg.
Diamond Containment - Crafted with 8 diamonds around the egg.

You can also see the recipes in the in game crafting book


Bug Fixes Bug Fixes 10/30/19

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  • Brewing stands will now give Artisan job experience.
  • Treasure Hunters will receive money and experience for crafting treasure maps.
  • Demolitionist should have the proper payouts per world now.
  • Mining in Towny should no longer give job experience.
  • Lemon saplings will drop again from oak trees.
  • Peanuts, Spice buds, beans and garlic seeds will all drop from breaking tall grass now.
  • Xo lift will no longer consider signs an obstruction.
  • Block chaining can be done underwater now.
  • Tree Assist should play nice with Cropocalypse trees now.
  • voids can no longer be placed in furnaces or stonecutters.

Bug Fixes Towny Fixes & Job Bags 10/29/19

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Fixed some towny bugs that have been around for a while now.

Town and Nation ranks should now save on restart so you don't need to keep applying them.
Priced Plots are now working correctly.
Outposts will now save when you claim them the first time with /t claim outpost

Job Bags have been added to the server, now you can store your job related items in bags!
Check out /faq jobbags for information on how to craft them

Bug Fixes Bug Fixes 10/26/19

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  • Custom Trees should now drop their saplings again.
  • Custom Chef recipes will now give EXP for their job requirements.
  • If an item is not salvageable or repairable you can place it on gold/iron blocks again.

Job Changes 10/25/19

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Functional Changes

Removed soldier. It's a redundant job, just gives people more money for doing the same thing.
Hunter no longer gives EXP for fishing, that should be relegated to the Fisherman job only.

Miner should no longer give EXP for mining in the Towny worlds.
Monster Hunter will continue to work everywhere.
Treasure Hunter will now only work in the Wastelands, meaning if you want to combo Monster Hunter and Treasure Hunter, you will have to do it in the Wastelands.
Farmer can receive EXP from anywhere now, there isn't really a point in saying they can only farm in towns and this is really just a holdover from the hardcore server.
Removed some overlap from Artisan, Inventory and Blacksmith.

Brief experience changes
Builder will now give 1xp per block placed.
Demolitionist has been nerfed to be half as effective for destroying wastelands structures
Made gold exp between Inventor and Blacksmith...