PSA Towny Data

Recently the server had an issue with towny data and I'm guessing around 200 towns were snapped out of existence. I don't know how this happened honestly and I'm going to work to make sure it never happens again but in the meantime the only backups I have are from the 23rd and they only cover the town blocks. Luckily the town blocks are one of the most important parts of the town so the issue can be mostly fixed.

If you were someone that had their town deleted entirely you will need to re-make the town and preferably put the homeblock in the same place as it was before it was deleted (not a big deal if you dont). Make sure you re-create the town with the EXACT same name as you had it before otherwise this process will not work and you won't get your town blocks back.

If you only lost SOME blocks of in your town again make a help request with your towns EXACT name and i'll be able to recover all the town blocks that you had from the 23rd. Even if you claimed some of the blocks back since then that's fine, they wont end up unclaimed.

Unfortunately I wont be able to get back any town bank balances, residents lost, outposts (maybe on that), or warps.

In the future to hopefully keep this from happening again I will be restarting the server more often and make better backups of the towny data.