Info Omniverse Earth - Jobs

Omniverse Earth will be using a custom version of the Jobs plugin to allow players to earn money for completing various tasks that depends on the type of job they've chosen. Here is a list of the jobs on the new server.

Alchemist - Brewing potions.
Arborist - Chopping down trees and large mushrooms.
Artisan - Crafting most items and blocks.
Blacksmith - Crafting armor and weapons and also repairing those items.
Builder - Building with most blocks.
Enchanter - Enchanting items and books.
Excavator - Digging out more common blocks such as dirt, soul sand etc.
Explorer - Exploring the world.
Farmer - Harvesting crops, killing farm animals, and breeding farm animals.
Hunter - Killing mobs with a bow and money for taming wild animals.
Inventor - Crafting redstone related items.
Miner - Mining ores in the world.
Monster Hunter - Kill monsters by any means.
Survivor - Prepare foods, kill fish, and go fishing.
Treasure Hunter - Loot monster drops and loot chests.

15 Jobs in total.
As you level up your jobs you will be able to unlock more job slots so that you can have multiple jobs active at once to earn money from and level up. You do not lose exp in the job you leave or swap but there is a cool down period so that jobs can't be switched often.
Each job also comes with different perks that will be explained in a later post.
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