Bug Fixes Bug Fixes 10/14/19

Many more bug fixes to clean up that list again. Thank you to everyone who has continued to find these bugs and report them.

Fixed the Spelunker, Prospector and Gildedchef job upgrades.
Removed Firestarter job upgrade.
Fixed Artisan not getting experience for smelting brick.
Fixed the Monster Hunter sword not working properly.

Hoppers will now lock automatically.
%item should play nicely with potions and spawn eggs now. (old legacy code from 1.12)
./command. is the default way to link commands again
The fires should finally extinguish.

Added some missing cauldron brewing ingredients and upgraded names from old 1.12 names.
Fixed anvilcrafting only working on undamaged anvils (1.12 code)
No more anvil/tome weirdness, it should always display the enchant it is going to place on the item now.
ThonkCrafting items can now be crafted to their next stages without closing the inventory. (Tag gets removed when you click on the item now)