Info All of Fabric 3 Modded Server

I thought it might be fun to set up a modded server for those who would be interested in some beyond vanilla content. I've also always wanted a modpack on the server for many years so now there is one.

You will need to download the curseforge app from overwolf to get the modpack
Once you've downloaded it you can
1. Search for All of fabric 3.
2. Go to the versions tab
3. download version 2.6.10

the rules are still the same, and while there aren't as many protections in modded as there are with vanilla, I did find a mod for logging and rollbacks, so if anyone does end up stealing/griefing I can find out who it was and ban accordingly.

IP address is and the server will be released Saturday (3/6/21).
I don't really know what to expect performance wise, balance wise or anything else, just thought it might be fun to have a modpack on the network for once.