Info Omniverse Earth - Void Storage

Void Storage is a form of storage for: any building blocks, any items that stack, and any items that can not be eaten. The bags come in three different sizes: small, large and huge.

  • Small voids can hold 1,000 items.
  • Large voids can hold 5,000 items.
  • Huge voids can hold 10,000 items.

Void Storages can only be crafted by the Inventor job. Every 10 levels after 20 will allow you to unlock a new size of void storage.

A small unformed void can be crafted with four ghast tears and an eye of ender.
Large voids can be crafted with a dragon egg and one ghast tear.
Huge voids will be crafted with eight ghast tears and one dragon egg.

To use your void storage, after you have received the item you can right click it to put an applicable item into the center. Once you have done that you click on the nether star and your item is now imprinted on it.

  • To store items into the void right click the air while the items are in your inventory.​
  • Retrieve items by left clicking with the void in hand.​