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Towny Plot Costs 10/22/19

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We have decided to change up plot costs a bit to encourage people to invite players into your towns.

Base plot cost is still 25 dollars but the multipliers have been increased per level. Every player you invite into your town will decrease the multiplier by .1x so a level 5 town with 5 people in it will have a plot cost multiplier of 4.5x or 112.5 dollars.

With that said, now that there is an economic benefit to include people in your towns, alts are no longer allowed in your town. You can still use an alt and do things with them, but they can not be a resident of your or anyone elses town unless the alt is the owner of said town.

Let us know what you think!

Bug Fixes Bug Fixes 10/21/19

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  • Added Andesite, Diorite, Granite to Quarry Digger, removed Stone from Excavator.
  • Inventor will now give EXP for rails.
  • Custom Trees will now give Arborist EXP.
  • Geologist will give the proper EXP.

  • Void bags can now be made with Andesite, Granite and Diorite.
  • Cucumbers will stop dropping melons.
  • ThonkCrafting data will be removed on 2x2 crafting

Artisan Recipes 10/20/19

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Sponges and Buckets have been added to the server!

Level 10 Artisans can now craft Blue Sponges and Blue Buckets.
Blue sponges soak up the water in a 7x7 area 10 times and after that turn into a regular sponge. They can be crafted by surrounding a sponge with 8 lapis.
Blue buckets allow you to place a bucket of water down 10 times. They can be crafted by surrounding a bucket with 8 lapis.

Level 20 Artisans can also craft Red Sponges and Red Buckets
A red sponge will allow you to soak up lava in a 7x7 area just like the blue sponge. A red sponge can be crafted with a sponge and 8 redstone.
Red buckets allow you to place down lava 10 times. They can be crafted with a bucket and 8 redstone.

Note: Villagers are temporarily disabled now.

Chef Recipes 10/18/19

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  • Chef recipes have been re-added to the server, check out /faq cooking in game for more information!
  • Tipped arrows have been added to alchemist
Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes Bug Fixes 10/17/19

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  • Towny will no longer consume your void bags.
  • Super pickaxe cool down works beyond logouts now.
  • Bags of holding will no longer be consumed on repair.
  • Player Head rewards should now be your head instead of the default steve head.
  • Job Find will no longer cause as much server lag.
Glass Of Skills
  • Changing your jobs should now grant the correct GoS skills.
  • Glass of Skills stats will no longer be displayed to the other player.
  • You will no longer have to level up every time to use your already unlocked abilities.

PSA Increasing TPS

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As many of you know, the server will have poor TPS anytime there is more than ~20 people on the same server. A lot of this poor performance now is due to how many chunks are loaded at a time.

What we can do to help the server performance is lower the view distance to something lower than what it is now. This will allow more of you to enjoy playing on the server with a higher TPS at the cost of not being able to see as far in the world. This would only apply to Horizon as Wastelands very rarely has more than 20 people online.

We would look at the view distance again if we get better hardware, in future game updates (such as 1.15) or if something else changes that leads us to believe the game would be more performant raising the view distance back up.

What do you think?

Bug Fixes Bug Fixes 10/13/19

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  • Custom crops that use melons and pumpkins to grow will no longer spread like a weed.
  • Plot commands should work for everyone now
  • Blast Furnaces can now craft purified ores into ingots
  • Player heads can be locked now, ONLY player heads though.
  • Iron doors and cauldrons will now give blacksmith EXP

Glass Of Skills Abilities 10/12/19

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It is time for some abilities!


Tree Assist
A lumbering passive ability that unlocks at level 100 allowing you to break a tree down from the top. This will make gathering wood from large trees or trees with branches that much easier.
A mining ability that unlocks at level 100 that will allow you to break blocks in a 3x3 area until the ability wears off.
Now you can remove those pesky unwanted materials and gain your materials back with the Salvage ability! Unlocks at level 25 and follows the same restrictions as repair, so you will need to be level 50 to salvage diamond gear.

Active abilities (such as hammer) have a cooldown of 5 minutes

Plot buffer has been reduced from 10 to 6, so that towns can claim closer together

Custom Crops
As custom trees decay, they will now have a chance to drop their...

Bug Fixes Bug Fixes 10/9/19

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Another day with more bug fixes!

Bug Fixes

  • You can now shift right in shops to buy entire stacks.
  • Claim will no longer add NBT tags onto items.
  • You can no longer claim an item if you have no room in your inventory.
  • Nether portals should no longer spawn in the spawn world.
  • You will no longer be spammed with "you can't harvest an egg from this chicken right now" when holding something. You will have to use an empty hand to harvest eggs from chickens now.
  • You should be able to open the jobs window again in the Wastelands.
  • Ocean spawns have been raised up and you can now find all the water based animals.
  • Blacksmiths now receive more EXP for crafting anvils.
    Was: 2.0$ and 4.0EXP
    Now 11.0$ and 22.0EXP
  • Fish mobs have been added to Hunter and Fisherman.
  • Stained Glass Dying by crafting and Dying as a painter ability have been separated so now Builder will only receive EXP when you...

PSA Omniverse Patreon

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The Patreon for Omniverse Horizons has launched!

For players that have been around for a long time, you should recognize the system that we are using. It was a system that was designed to be fair for everyone while also allowing us to cover hosting costs, Something that hasn't been able to be achieved for a couple years.

The benefits are at nearly the same price as they were back in 2013-4 with less of the restrictions there were on players at the time. If you remember, Skylander was actually locked behind a 6 month time gate, which is no longer the case.

The tiers are
Cadent Traveler for $1 (Unlimited packs)
  • Discord Music Access
  • Discord Rank
  • 20 /playtime hours per month that you always keep
Welken Citizen for $5 (50 Packs total)
  • Discord Music Access
  • Discord Rank
  • 500 /playtime hours while you subscribe (Skylander)
  • 100 /playtime hours per month that you always keep
  • 20...

Bug Fixes Bug Fixes 10/7/19

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Fixed Blacksmith XP being halved.
Fixed Strange Miner upgrades.
Excavator will now receive job EXP for netherrack.
Cookies will now give jobs EXP.
Beetroots can be planted with the artisan ability now.
Auto sorting is fixed (again)
Job selection cooldowns have been fixed.

Phantom membranes will now give job EXP to alchemist

Glass of Skills Repair Gives Job EXP & Changelog 10/5/19

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Glass of Skills will now give you job EXP for Blacksmith repair.
Iron Ingots -> $0.50, 1.00 EXP
Gold Ingots -> $2.50, 5.00 EXP
Diamonds -> $5.00, 10.00 EXP

Artisan's flatten ability will now say Sneak + Right Click instead of Shift to account for people with different keybinds.
Also changed it to say sneak in other places.

Bug Fixes
Fixed Random Warps
Hopefully fixed the issues with claims not saving.
Fixed only being able to receive your rewards if you were on Horizon.

You can now vote on Wastelands and still receive your rewards. If the rewards aren't there, that's a different bug.

Custom Crops Added to Farmer & Bug Fixes 10/4/19

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Custom Crops have been re-added to the farmer job.

Bug Fixes
Trident's can now be given the Mending enchantment
Podzol now gives Excavator EXP.
Bamboo now gives Farmer EXP just like cactus and sugar cane.

Bug Fixes Bug Fixes 10/3/19

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This update should hopefully fix some of the LWC and Inventory issues that have been present since launch.

Bug Fixes Purified Ingot Recipes & Bug Fixes 10/2/19

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Latest Additions
Added recipes to convert your Uncontaminated ores into their Purified Ingot forms. The recipes for gold and iron take longer than normal and will also give you more vanilla experience.
Added a vanilla EXP boost for leveling Smelting in Glass Of Skills.
This ability is unlocked at level 100 and at its max will give you 5x the vanilla EXP.
Added an ingot doubling mechanic for the Smelting skill.
Ability is unlocked at level 100 and at its max will have a 50% chance to double your ingots in the furnace.

Latest Fixes
Fixed Phantoms Spawning in player towns even with the mobs being turned off.
Fixed Nation inviting forcing a town into the nation if the mayor was not online to accept or decline the invite.
& more

Bug Fixes 9/30/19

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Many bugs have been fixed again
Fixed Onion buds dropping their full crop even when they weren't fully grown

Glass Of Skills Ability to repair enchanted items. As your skill level increases in Smithing, you will be able to repair for more durability on highly enchanted items.

Due to some feedback we've received with Jobs cooldowns, we are going to change how they are implemented...

Bug Fixes 9/29/19

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Fixed - https://www.omniverse.rocks/threads/town-upgrades.69/
Fixed - https://www.omniverse.rocks/threads/enderman-seargent-doesnt-attack.51/
Fixed a money duplication glitch that would happen whenever the server would crash
There have been reports of GoS not saving stats when swapping servers, so I added in an extra check, make a bug report if this is still happening please
Job cooldowns added, currently set to 1 hour
AFK timers implemented

PSA Welcome to Omniverse Horizons

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Welcome players new and old to a new beginning!

Very soon the new server will be launching and you will be able to experience a Minecraft server like no other. In preparation for this new beginning, we decided to make a clean break on the forums/wiki as well. With these upgraded versions we should be able to bring you the very best!

If you were not in the beta test, you should go ahead and make a new forum account, or login using discord. (Please use your Minecraft name. )

We look forward to seeing everyone online tomorrow at 12pm PST / 3pm EST / 7pm UTC

- The Omniverse Horizon Team