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Bug Fixes Purified Ingot Recipes & Bug Fixes 10/2/19

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Latest Additions
Added recipes to convert your Uncontaminated ores into their Purified Ingot forms. The recipes for gold and iron take longer than normal and will also give you more vanilla experience.
Added a vanilla EXP boost for leveling Smelting in Glass Of Skills.
This ability is unlocked at level 100 and at its max will give you 5x the vanilla EXP.
Added an ingot doubling mechanic for the Smelting skill.
Ability is unlocked at level 100 and at its max will have a 50% chance to double your ingots in the furnace.

Latest Fixes
Fixed Phantoms Spawning in player towns even with the mobs being turned off.
Fixed Nation inviting forcing a town into the nation if the mayor was not online to accept or decline the invite.
& more

Bug Fixes 9/30/19

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Many bugs have been fixed again
Fixed Onion buds dropping their full crop even when they weren't fully grown

Glass Of Skills Ability to repair enchanted items. As your skill level increases in Smithing, you will be able to repair for more durability on highly enchanted items.

Due to some feedback we've received with Jobs cooldowns, we are going to change how they are implemented...

Bug Fixes 9/29/19

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Fixed - https://www.omniverse.rocks/threads/town-upgrades.69/
Fixed - https://www.omniverse.rocks/threads/enderman-seargent-doesnt-attack.51/
Fixed a money duplication glitch that would happen whenever the server would crash
There have been reports of GoS not saving stats when swapping servers, so I added in an extra check, make a bug report if this is still happening please
Job cooldowns added, currently set to 1 hour
AFK timers implemented

PSA Welcome to Omniverse Horizons

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Welcome players new and old to a new beginning!

Very soon the new server will be launching and you will be able to experience a Minecraft server like no other. In preparation for this new beginning, we decided to make a clean break on the forums/wiki as well. With these upgraded versions we should be able to bring you the very best!

If you were not in the beta test, you should go ahead and make a new forum account, or login using discord. (Please use your Minecraft name. )

We look forward to seeing everyone online tomorrow at 12pm PST / 3pm EST / 7pm UTC

- The Omniverse Horizon Team