Glass of Skills Repair Gives Job EXP & Changelog 10/5/19

Glass of Skills will now give you job EXP for Blacksmith repair.
Iron Ingots -> $0.50, 1.00 EXP
Gold Ingots -> $2.50, 5.00 EXP
Diamonds -> $5.00, 10.00 EXP

Artisan's flatten ability will now say Sneak + Right Click instead of Shift to account for people with different keybinds.
Also changed it to say sneak in other places.

Bug Fixes
Fixed Random Warps
Hopefully fixed the issues with claims not saving.
Fixed only being able to receive your rewards if you were on Horizon.

You can now vote on Wastelands and still receive your rewards. If the rewards aren't there, that's a different bug.