Bug Fixes Bug Fixes 10/9/19

Another day with more bug fixes!

Bug Fixes

  • You can now shift right in shops to buy entire stacks.
  • Claim will no longer add NBT tags onto items.
  • You can no longer claim an item if you have no room in your inventory.
  • Nether portals should no longer spawn in the spawn world.
  • You will no longer be spammed with "you can't harvest an egg from this chicken right now" when holding something. You will have to use an empty hand to harvest eggs from chickens now.
  • You should be able to open the jobs window again in the Wastelands.
  • Ocean spawns have been raised up and you can now find all the water based animals.
  • Blacksmiths now receive more EXP for crafting anvils.
    Was: 2.0$ and 4.0EXP
    Now 11.0$ and 22.0EXP
  • Fish mobs have been added to Hunter and Fisherman.
  • Stained Glass Dying by crafting and Dying as a painter ability have been separated so now Builder will only receive EXP when you Paint a block with the Artisan ability
  • Custom crops should no longer drop their vanilla seeds.
  • Custom tree saplings will be dropping again, they can be obtained by breaking leaves off of different trees.
  • Dynmap has been added onto the Horizon server, it will only render the world when the TPS is above a certain threshold that way it isn't causing lag when many players are on.
  • Dynmap in the Wastelands will come later
  • Towny borders will come later.