Glass Of Skills Abilities 10/12/19

It is time for some abilities!


Tree Assist
A lumbering passive ability that unlocks at level 100 allowing you to break a tree down from the top. This will make gathering wood from large trees or trees with branches that much easier.
A mining ability that unlocks at level 100 that will allow you to break blocks in a 3x3 area until the ability wears off.
Now you can remove those pesky unwanted materials and gain your materials back with the Salvage ability! Unlocks at level 25 and follows the same restrictions as repair, so you will need to be level 50 to salvage diamond gear.

Active abilities (such as hammer) have a cooldown of 5 minutes

Plot buffer has been reduced from 10 to 6, so that towns can claim closer together

Custom Crops
As custom trees decay, they will now have a chance to drop their saplings

Bug Fixes

Claim errors out when you try and claim null/air rewards. - If you have any claims that say "Air" "Ar" or "Invalid Item" make a help request so they can be removed
Cropocalypse trees drop oak leaves when they shouldn't.
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