PSA Increasing TPS

Lower the view distance to increase TPS?

  • Yes

  • No

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As many of you know, the server will have poor TPS anytime there is more than ~20 people on the same server. A lot of this poor performance now is due to how many chunks are loaded at a time.

What we can do to help the server performance is lower the view distance to something lower than what it is now. This will allow more of you to enjoy playing on the server with a higher TPS at the cost of not being able to see as far in the world. This would only apply to Horizon as Wastelands very rarely has more than 20 people online.

We would look at the view distance again if we get better hardware, in future game updates (such as 1.15) or if something else changes that leads us to believe the game would be more performant raising the view distance back up.

What do you think?



New member
Sep 27, 2019
I voted No, because this wont be the fix-all that you hope for. This will be a minor thing and will not do much for the players as you think it will.....

Lowering the range can be a solution for server operation, but game play of players will be more limited. Especially in Horizon. Players enjoy creating their towns but to be partway across to see it vanish will not be appealing. We build to enjoy it.

Hiring 1 or 2 more staff members to travel and view in Settlement, the places where potential auto contraptions / farm can be placed, would be helpful. Players that were here for the re-release of the server were told that auto-farms are not allowed. But the new players that are joining now, do not know of this rule, and are probably doing auto farms.

Also, increasing the servers hardware capacity, will help as well... Dependent on your hosting provider and what configuration you decide to go with.

There are a few other fixes you could do to adjust things in the back end. I feel that this is just a "fast-fix" to a problem that has been going on for a while, that can be solved with better means.

Appreciate your time.