PSA Announcing Omniverse Earth

Omniverse Earth will be released on October 16th.
Omniverse Earth will be a server with a map based on the Earth at a 1:225 scale. This means that every 225 meters in the real world equates to one block in game. The server itself contains a lot of changes than what is on Horizons so the only thing that will be transferring over is your playtime hours and Patreon status. Inventories, money, towns and anything else will not transfer over to the new server.

Couple of things that would've made it very difficult to carry inventories over to the new server are:
Fully global balances. On OmniEarth your global balance is your balance. This means you can now buy and sell while offline.
New Inventory system. Instead of using a custom method to save your inventory we now just use Mojang's method. Inventories are still "global" (assuming there are multiple servers) but they are also now more resistant to change.

That's all for now, There will be more information in the coming days!