PSA Omniverse Earth - North America

The Omniverse Earth is now live!

After a few months of work, and three weeks of non-stop generating, the first continent is ready to be released! We will be starting with North America at a size of 50,492 x 32,884. When you first log in to the server you will be teleported to a random location in North America to help spread people out. If you don't like where you ended up you can also use /rwarp to teleport somewhere else.

You can build and destroy in the wild but the only way to protect your stuff is with Towny and of course LWC. There won't be a wastelands for a few days while I decide what to do with the Horizon wastelands. What this means, however, is that you can now build roads or nether hubs between towns for faster transportation.

The map of the new world is located here

You can directly connect through the IP Address