PSA The Race to the Crown

December 31st at 6pm CST, 4pm PST or Midnight GMT marks the beginning of the first voting contest of the new server! Rainbow elytra? Nah, we have crowns to give out this time! For this month we will be giving away five voting crowns to the top voters of January. We will also be giving away extra voting points for the other 45 people that are in the top 50!

Rewards are as follows.
  • 1-5 Voting Crown.
  • 6-10 250 Extra Voting Points.
  • 11-25 100 Extra Voting Points
  • 26-50 50 Extra Voting Points

Good luck to everyone!
~ Omniverse Team​



New member
Nov 29, 2019
Note: Multiple people playing in the same household.
One of you will need to use another device, vpn, or other alt method for voting through
as it will only count the first vote from the household and state "already voted" for the second person attempting to vote.