Bug Fixes Bug Fixes 1/27/20

  • Tracking should now be fixed.
  • Chickens should now spawn from eggs
  • Blockchaining has been re-enabled and you can no longer place blocks outside of town borders.
  • Armor can be locked now

  • You do not need to drop the items when crafting custom items any longer to get the EXP.
  • Sugar cookies and strawberry shortcake work again

In addition to these two bug fixes any time a recipe has a missing item now it should be replaced with bedrock making it impossible to craft, so if you see any recipes with bedrock in them make a bug report letting me know which one it is.

  • Cornflower and lily of the valley seeds have been added and can now be planted in pots.

  • Plot borders can be disabled with the same command that enables them.

  • Job bags have been fixed up.
  • Artisan and Glassworker will receive EXP for crafting stained glass again.