Info Omniverse Earth - Boxes Of Holding

One of the features on Omniverse Earth is going to be the boxes of holding. What these items allow you to do is store any item in a shulker box that you do not need to place. You just right click and it will open. They can go on your hotbar, in your inventory or wherever you want to put them. The only limit is that you can not store them inside of another shulker box, or themselves.

The boxes can be obtained through voting or crafting via jobs. The jobs that can craft these new boxes are: Artisan, Blacksmith, and Enchanter.
Level 30 can craft a "medium" sized box with 27 slots.
Level 40 can craft a "large" box with 36 slots.
Boxes with 45 and 54 slots will be obtainable through voting rewards.

The 27 slot box can be crafted with two shulker shells, a chest and two flawless leather. Flawless leather is a Rare drop from entities that regularly drop leather, such as cows.
The box with 36 slots can is crafted the same way but uses four flawless leather instead.