New Feature Server Simplification


/spawn will now take you to that servers main spawn world instead of teleporting you to a spawn world on another server. Basically typing /spawn in the Resource world will now keep you in the resource world.

Built a new, smaller spawn. This one uses holograms to guide the player through a short tutorial that leads to some boats that take them to either the Wastelands or the Towny world.

Custom portals have been added to the server as well. Step through an area and you will be teleported somewhere else on the server! The boats at the new spawn and the portal right next to where you spawn in for the first time take advantage of this new feature. Hoping to open up this feature to everyone in the future so anyone can make portals. Stay tuned for that.

Custom Achievements

I wanted to add custom achievements to the server to give a longer term goal of playing as well as potentially simplifying new features for new players. There are currently 128 achievements on the server and you can see them all with /aach list.

Current Achievements added

Connecting to the server
Custom Crops
Vanilla EXP gain
Custom Ores
Custom Crafting
Raids you've won
and treasure you've fished.