PSA Omniverse Earth - Ranks

There are some different ranks on the Omniverse Earth. They can all be obtained through playing normally or optionally supporting us on patreon.

Rank NamePerks
NewNo Perks
Traveler/workbench and lava usage
SettlerAbility to use [Town Warp] signs and /Disposal
Citizen/echest a portable enderchest
Netherwalker/hat - place something on your head
Enderkin/speedup access to LWC /cmagnet lets chests suck up items from nearby
Wayfinder/leap - Allows you to jump really high
Globetrotter/fly - fly throughout the world
Aetherseeker/zoom - fly faster
Pioneer/nightvision - gives you the night vision potion effect
Voidwalker/back on death and /invisibility - gives the invisibility potion effect
World TamerNo perks currently

The newest thing would be the /cmagnet. After seeing it used on Horizon I thought it might be a good idea to make it a rank perk and advertise its existence more.