Bug Fixes Bug Fixes 2/4/20

Colorama activates when you are attacked by an entity.
Nation chat works both ways across the server
Horses will not delete themselves when you die while riding them. Instead the horses will go back to the stable.
Artisans will receive exp for dark prismarine.
Builder bags have added dark prismarine, smooth stone and prismarine bricks.
huge voids can imprint on brick blocks again.
Blast furnaces will give GoS experience for smelting iron ingots and gold ingots. Gold will also now give out 45 experience.
Fixed inability to craft carbon dioxide so now sodas can be crafted again.
Lettuce seeds will more likely drop from melon stems now.
Fixed an invalid item situation with the /claim system where wall blocks would not give you the actual block back when you claimed them.
Fixed red and blue sponges not working.
Fixed cornflowers and lily of the valley experience.
Fixed containment eggs duplicating animals in boats.

Ensorcell will be less likely to go to the "other" form of payment.

Cucumber seeds will drop properly from attached melons, same with the custom crops that rely on pumpkins.
Crops that are not fully grown will drop their proper seeds now.

Players will be rewarded with their head now.
Players can select the player head reward from /rewards and get their head now.


Transmutation is a level 10 alchemist ability that allows you to turn your excess amounts of iron ore into gold ore. Filling the 3x3 crafting grid with iron ore will net you one gold ore.

Trapping is the ability for level 10 hunters to craft a trap that will give them a spawner that they can place down to drop a mob of various types. The type that you can catch is determined by what you used to craft the trap. Every recipe is surrounded by iron bars with a different item in the middle.
Level 10
Cow Trap - Wheat
Pig trap - Carrot
Sheep - Grass (Not the block)
Chicken - Wheat Seeds
Level 20
Mushroom Cow - Red Mushroom
Wolf - Raw Beef
Ocelot - Raw Cod
Squid - Rotten Flesh
Level 30
Horse - Apple.