PSA The Omniverse is now 1.15.1!

It has finally happened, the Omniverse is now updated to the latest version of Minecraft!

The time has also come to set sail again to look for some new land untouched by players, but in the process we managed to shipwreck and will need to conduct repairs before we set sail again.

You can now see what town you are in from the wastelands and you should be able to chat with your town members from the Wastelands as well.

Villager Trading has been re-enabled, there will be more re-balancing to trading later. To get it re-enabled we just disabled the Hero of the Village effect so there will be no more extreme discounts for trading.

Bug Fixes
Concrete powder will now give artisan experience.
Mending can now be crafted for level 40 blacksmiths.
Elytra can be repaired with vanilla anvils.
Vine crops should give job experience now.
Pure smelting recipes work again.
Sugar cookies and other recipes that weren't giving the proper hunger work again.
the bonus inconsistency should be fixed.
artisans can craft bags of holding again.
builders will receive experience for smooth stone slabs.
Pumpkin farmer will receive experience for pumpkin pies now.

Since this is a new version of the game there will probably be new bugs so if you happen to encounter any, please report them!