PSA Cropocalypse Trees & Bug Fixes 11/6/19

Cropocalypse Trees have been redone and we now have the ability to add more styles as well as the ability to add more tree crops!
After you have voted on all the sites you can enable a pref in the new "Voting" category to hide the reward messages. If you don't want to see what other people are winning, there you go! Did you know that you also get a 1.25x boost for voting on all the sites?

Endermen and Pigmen farms are rather unbalanced, but rather than nerfing the EXP and income they provide we have improved on our detection code. Mobs will be tagged and those that get tagged with give you 20% of the EXP and income that they normally would.

Bug fixes
Uncontaminated gold ore turning into a gold ingot in a blasting furnace.
Peanuts and spice seeds not planting in pots



Sep 26, 2019
Will nether mobs be turned up with this update? I've been unable to find a single wither skeleton for a couple weeks now.