PSA Towny Levels and Job Cooldown Bypass 11/22/19

Town leveling has now been made easier and I can now change the configs to make it easier or more difficult to level a town up. With that said, I have lowered the requirements to level your town up or spread out the requirements to items that you will more likely have.

/job cooldown has been added. You can now pay money to decrease or completely remove your cooldown. The cost is 80 dollars per minute of cooldown and with the tab complete function you can either use "all" or it will display the exact amount of money you would need to remove the cooldown. You can also give a lesser amount and it will take a portion of the cooldown off.

Fixed a cauldron brewing bug
Fixed a custom recipe not giving exp for artisan
Fixed the builder bricklayer job upgrade
*Potentially?* fixed the server restarts resetting job bonus EXP