PSA ThonkCrafting Additions 11/2/19

ThonkCrafting now supports multiple results per recipe!

Beef Jerky can now be crafted with rotten flesh or cooked beef.
Leather Containment eggs can be crafted with a piece of leather now rather than 4 rabbit hides.

If you want to be able to craft things more quickly here are some helpful recipes
6 books and 3 logs will net you 2 bookshelves
2 feathers, 2 flint and 1 plank will give you 8 arrows
3 bones gives you a bone block
3 logs in the bowl shape will give you 16 bowls
3 hay blocks in a line will give you 9 bread
2 logs will give you 16 sticks
8 logs in a chest formation will give you 4 chests
7 logs in the ladder formation will give you 24 ladders or with planks will give you 6 ladders
1 log and 8 coal/charcoal will give you 32 torches