PSA Anvil Crafting, Job Items & Bug Fixes 11/10/19

After many many hours of re-writing recipes and adding things to configs, Anvil Crafting and Job items are finally on the server!

Anvil Crafting
To create a mold for potion infused armor, you will need to have blacksmith levels anywhere from 20-40 depending on the material.
Create the mold in the same way you'd create a regular piece of armor but you will instead use Flawless materials (diamond, iron, gold)
Once you have made the mold you can search your green recipe book to see the different infusions you can make. In a few days we will have a wiki page so you don't have to only look in game.
Once you have selected your choice of infusion you'll craft the recipe and then put the piece of armor on top of a vanilla anvil. Once the item is on the anvil you will "hammer" it by clicking left click repeatedly on the anvil with an axe. Once the sound changes you can dip the mold into a cauldron with water and voila, you have your very own infused armor!

Job Items
Job items follow a similar procedure but they will generally use a leather pattern or an iron tool/armor pattern for the job.
Each job can has two items and they both give a 2% buff for a total of 4% (going to start it out low and potentially raise it up)

Bug Fixes
Jobs that are supposed to get paid for terracotta will now get paid.
Regular glass will now pay you properly.
Carbon Dioxide can be crafted with 8 bottles and a flint and steel.
Cropocalypse Trees will support the older terracotta for now so they'll drop their fruits again if you have the old trees.
Towny tab complete will not display an error anymore.

Bonus gives job exp (woops)
Tome fragments will drop again from the proper mobs.
Excavator will get paid for coarse dirt.