The Omniverse has many items that can help you store and transport large amounts of items. Among these items are Void Storage, Bags of Holding, and Job Bags.

Void Storage are a form of storage for basic building blocks that can be crafted by a level 10+ Inventor. A Void Storage can store large numbers a single type of block. There are four sizes of Void Storage: Tiny, small, large, and huge.

Crafting Voids

Void Storage can be crafted by a high enough level Inventor using the following recipes:

Void Size Inventor Level Storage (Blocks) Recipe
Tiny Void Storage 10 500 1 Eye of Ender + 1 Ghast Tear
Small Void Storage 20 1000 1 Eye of Ender + 4 Ghast Tear
Large Void Storage 30 5000 1 Dragon Egg + 1 Ghast Tear
Huge Void Storage 40 10000 1 Dragon Egg + 4 Ghast Tear

Imprinting Voids

Imprinting a Void Storage with a block makes the Void usable. Imprinting a Void Storage cannot be undone.

  1. Right click with the Unformed Void
  2. Place the block you want to imprint into the Void Storage
  3. Click the Nether Star to confirm the imprinted block

You can now store your imprinted block in your Void Storage.

Using Voids

  • Right click to place a block from the Void Storage.
  • Right click the air to fill the Void Storage with its imprinted block from your inventory.
  • Left click to fill your inventory with the Void Storage's imprinted block

Bags of Holding are backpack-like items that hold a virtual inventory. For Bags of Holding that hold job-specific items, see Job Bags. Bags Of Holding can be crafted by a level 30+ Artisan, and come in six sizes: Tiny, small, medium, large, extra large, and huge.

Crafting Bags of Holding

Tiny, small, and medium Bags of Holding can be crafted by an Artisan using String and Perfect Leather Hide. Large, extra large, and huge Bags of Holding are only available as voting rewards.

Bag Size Artisan Level Storage (Slots) Recipe
Tiny Bag of Holding 30 9 1 String + 2 Perfect Leather Hide
Small Bag of Holding 40 18 1 String + 4 Perfect Leather Hide
Medium Bag of Holding 50 27 1 String + 6 Perfect Leather Hide
Large Bag of Holding 36 150 Reward Points
Extra Large Bag of Holding 45 300 Reward Points
Huge Bag of Holding 54 600 Reward Points

Using Bags of Holding

  • Right click with a Bag in your hand to open its inventory.
  • When a Bag is first crafted, it will be “unopened.” Opening it for the first time will change it into an “opened” Bag.
  • Opened Bags can only be placed in a player's hotbar, not in other slots in their inventory.
  • Opened Bags can be placed in containers, but not in other Bags.
  • Opened Bags can be sold or traded, and will retain their inventory after changing hands.
  • Opened Bags never stack.
  • Unopened Bags stack if their base items stack.
  • Unopened Bags can be stored and traded like normal items.
  • Unopened Bags can be kept in any inventory slot.
  • Unopened Bags can be stored in opened Bags.

Job Bags are Bags of Holding that hold a selection of items relevant to a specific job. You must be a high enough level in a job to craft that job's Job Bags.

Crafting Job Bags

Job Bags are crafted with pure/pristine items and items relevant to the job. The number of pure/pristine items required to craft a Job Bag depends on the size of the bag.

Bag Size Job Level Storage (Slots) Pure/Pristine Items
Small Job Bag 30 18 2
Large Job Bag 40 36 4
Huge Job Bag 50 54 6

The table below lists the recipe for each job's bag and the types of items it can hold.

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