Inventor is one of the 18 Jobs available to players. It may be helpful to understand some of the mechanics of redstone while selecting this job.

Inventors gain xp and money from crafting and placing redstone related blocks. Please refer to /j info inventor.


Main article: Glass of Skills

Beginning at level 10, Inventors can craft a Void Storage that can contain a certain amount of a singluar basic building block.

Inventor LevelVoid Storage Size
Level 10Tiny (500 units)
Level 20Small (1,000 units)
Level 30Large (5,000 units)
Level 40Huge (10,000 units)

At level 30 Inventors can begin to craft their respective job bags, however, these job bags can only hold items relevant to the job.

  • Small Job Bag at level 30, crafted with 2 potent redstone and 1 sapling, holds 18 items.
  • Large Job Bag at level 40, crafted with 4 potent redstone and 1 sapling, holds 36 items.
  • Huge Job Bag at level 50, crafted with 6 potent redstone and 1 sapling, holds 54 items.

Main article: void-storage-and-bags

Advanced JobUpgrade Descriptions
Animator+50% $ for summoning snow and iron golems
Machinist+25% $ for crafting redstone related blocks and items
Rail Engineer+50% $ for crafting/placing rail related items
Slime Expertx2 $ for placing and money for crafting sticky pistons
Roboticist+50% $ for crafting/placing pistons, dispensers, and hoppers

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