Arborist is one of the 15 Jobs available to players. The job does not require any materials except for possibly an axe, making it an easy job to begin with.

Arborists gain money and experience from chopping trees, planting saplings, and wielding an axe in battle. Different trees give different amounts of money and experience though, so make sure to check out /j info arborist.

When you have Arborist set as an active job, you gain access to the following McMMO skills

  • Woodcutting
  • Axes

For more information on McMMO, check out their wiki here


At level 10 arborist can climb trees by using leads. To activate the ability, right click on the base of a tree while holding a lead. At level 10 the max climb height is 16 blocks, and the height increases to 32 blocks at level 20.

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