Builder is one of the 18 Jobs available to player. Builders are vital to the server’s architecture and infrastructure.

Builder gains money and experience from placing and dyeing certain blocks. /j info builder


Main article: Glass of Skills

Fall Immunity

At level 10 Builder by placing a building block (a block that a builder gets job xp and money for) can not die from fall damage for 60 seconds. The builder will still take damage, but cannot be killed by it

Town Fly

At level 10 Builder townfly is unlocked. This allows builders a limited amount for flight time inside their town varying from 1 to 5 minutes depending on the builder’s level. Flight time regenerates 1 second for every 6 seconds spent not flying. When townfly is deactivated the builder is immune to death from falling for 10 seconds.

/townfly - Activates town flight.

/townfly duration - Check the remaining time of town flight.

/townfly off - Deactivates town flight

Builder Level Flight Time
10 1 min.
20 3 min.
30 5 min.


A level 10 Builder can use dye on the blocks listed below.

  • wool
  • carpet
  • glass blocks
  • glass panes
  • hardened clay
  • terracotta
  • glazed terracotta
  • beds
  • shulker boxes
  • concrete powder
  • concrete

Right click on the block with the desired dye to change the color. Works anywhere you have building permission, and is not limited to your town.

Art Selection

At level 10 Builder you can choose a painting before placing it. Simply left click in the air to pick a picture and place it by right clicking. When picking a picture, the picture name is shown in chat. Click here for a full list of minecraft paintings and their names.


At level 20 Builder have access to reach. This allows you place blocks in places that normally would be out of your reach. The ability only works for placing blocks, not breaking them. Reach can be used anywhere, not just in one’s town.

/reach - Toggles the reach ability on and off

Builder Level Distance of Reach
20 10 Blocks
30 15 Blocks
40 20 Blocks

Block Chaining

A level 20 Builder has the ability to do block chaining. Block chaining makes it easier to build by allowing the builder to place the same block in different directions (up/down/east/west/north/south) in a long chain. To use block chaining you will need a regular brick item. Place the block type you want to build with, make sure you also have enough of this item in your inventory. Holding the brick left click the block you placed to choose a direction. A little message will appear in chat of what direction you have active. Right click on the block to extend the chain in your specified direction. This ability is not limited to your town. This ability may not work with all blocks.

Builder Level Maximum Chain Length
20 5 Blocks
30 10 Blocks

Builders are able to craft 3 sizes of their respective job bag, which holds building blocks. For an exact whitelist, level requirements, and recipes, visit void-storage-and-bags.

Builder is the only job that does not have advanced jobs.

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