Omniverse Earth is a PvE Towny server with a map based on the Earth at a 1:225 scale. We also have a wastelands server for collecting resources.

Starting Out

One of the first things you will do on Omniverse Earth is pick your job. You can browse and select jobs by using the command /jobs to open the jobs UI. You can see which job actions gain job xp/money using /j info [job name]. The higher your job level is, the more money you earn for each task!

Starting or Joining a Town

The next thing you do is decide whether to create a town or ask to join one.

Next Steps

Great job! You've created/joined a town and have picked jobs to join. Good luck on whatever you decide to do, whether it is building exquisite structures, is dominating the economy, or being a fearless warrior mowing down monsters in your path.

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