Here on Omniverse Earth we have our own Forums. It is broken down into three main sections: Server Network, Gameplay and Community.

The Sever Network section contains sever announcements, ban appeals and staff applications.

  • Announcements - Sever announcements are usually made for the majority of sever updates and when we have some exciting news to share with you. All announcements are automatically linked to our discord server, so you never miss out on the latest news.
  • Ban Appeals & Staff Applications - Please click the links for more information on ban appeals and staff applications.

Links: Announcements, Ban Appeals, Staff Applications

The Gameplay section contains help requests, suggestions and bug reports. It is this section where you can report any issues you are having and give your own input to help shape the future of the server.

  • Help Requests - Help requests enable staff to effectively assist you with several problems you may face. These typically include problems connecting, glitched items, name changes, and town removal requests. However, this is not for bug reports. For further information, please refer to this thread:
  • Suggestions - If you have any suggestions on how we can improve the server, feel free to post them here. Suggestions are often reviewed by our developers to assess their feasibility.
  • Bug Reports - It is inevitable that you will encounter bugs following major updates. This is the nature of development and is a necessary step for progress. Please report any bugs you find in this section, it will allow our developers to look into fixing them.

Links: Help Requests, Suggestions, Bug Reports

The community area is run predominantly by players. It offers a place for general discussions, as well as space to discuss your town or nation.

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