Here on Omniverse Earth, we have a modified version of the infamous Bukkit Towny plugin. Towny is a manager plugin for a Resident-Town-Nation hierarchy. Each town has a mayor, while a nation has a king. Both a town and nation have additional ranks that can be granted to their residents.

Each town manages its own plots, and within each town, residents manage their own personal plots. Plots are the size of a single chunk, which is 16x16x256.

Depending on a town's level, they are granted a specific amount of plots to claim.

Towny is filled with enhancements that brought Omniverse Earth to life!

Land Managment

  • Players are able to join towns where they can purchase plots
  • Plot owner's can manage a set of permissions (build, destroy, switch, item_use, and fly) on each plot they own
  • Towns can join nations which unite them into a team
  • Towns can grant protection from the wilderness (monsters, pvp, fire, explosions, and grief)

Wilderness Rules

  • Wilderness lies between towns, where players can interact.

PVP Enhancements

  • Nations allow players to split into distinct teams
  • Nations can declare other nations to be allies or enemies, further splitting players into teams
  • Towns can toggle PVP at anytime


  • Players can spawn to their own town or any public town
  • Players can teleport any outpost (claimed land outside of their town) of their own town
  • Players can warp to any assigned warp to their own town or any public town

Additional Chat Channels

  • There are two additional chat channels: town chat (tc) and nation chat (nc)

Town Ranks and Permissions

  • Mayor
    • Permissions: unclaim all land, delete town, and reassign the town's mayor
  • Deputy Mayor
    • Permissions: kick residents, unclaim town plots, purchase outposts, withdraw money, set town's banner, set town's board, set town's name, set town's spawn, adjust town's permissions, adjust tax, and change plot types
  • Assistant
    • Permissions: add residents, adjust residents' ranks (ranks lower than your own), set outpost's spawns, purchase warps, set or delete warps, toggle town's permssions (explosion, fire, mobs, public, pvp, and open), and set plots for sale
  • Recruiter
    • Permissions: add residents
  • Surveyor
    • Permissions: claim town plots and establish outposts
  • Residents
    • Permissions: deposit money and resources into the town, teleport to a set warp, teleport to a set outpost, obtain their town's banner, claim plots, adjust their plots' permissions

Town Levels

  • Towns may work together to gather resources to deposit into their town to work towards leveling up their town

Main article: Town Levels

Economy Enhancements

  • Players can be charged money for plots, towns, and nations
  • Towns can impose taxes on residents of a town
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