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Player Ranks

Rank Playtime Required Homes Rank Perks
New 0h 3
Traveler 5h 5 /Workbench (/craft or /wb), /Mail - Lava use
Settler 9h 10 /Disposal (/Trash)
Citizen 25h 15 /enderchest (/echest)
Netherwalker 42h 20 /Hat; Effect: Fire Resist [5 Minute Cooldown]
Enderkin 85h 25 /Speed, /Buff [Activates All Mobility]
Farlander 250h 30 /Leap, Farlands Access*
Skylander 500h 35 /Fly, Skylands Access*
Aetherseeker 850h 40 /Phantomarmor, /Zoom
Witherweaver 1400h 45 Effect: Night Vision (/vision)
Dragonkin 2400h 50 /Back; Effect: Invisibility (/invis)
Voidwalker 4000h 60

*Farlands and Skylands will be available in a future update.

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