Player / Staff Rank Info

Rank Playtime Required Homes Rank Perks
New 0h 3
Traveler 5h 3 /Workbench (/craft or /wb), /Mail - Lava use
Settler 9h 3 /Disposal (/Trash), Use of [Town Warp] signs
Citizen 25h 5 /enderchest (/echest)
Netherwalker 42h 10 /Hat; Effect
Enderkin 85h 15 /Speed, /cmagnet
Wayfinder 250h 15 /Leap
Globetrotter 500h 15 /Fly
Aetherseeker 850h 15 /Zoom
Pioneer 1400h 15 Effect: Night Vision (/vision)
Voidwalker 2400h 15 /Back; Effect: Invisibility (/invis)
World Tamer 4000h 15
  • Documancers - On top of the above, we also have our Documancer team. They actively update our information base, often alongside our staff team. This includes our wiki and all in-game faqs. You are automatically g ranted this privilege if you:
  • Have 5 or more forum posts or responses
  • Be a registered forums member for a minimum of 14 days
  • Have at least 1 trophy point
  • Have an avatar

We do not have admins here on Horizons. Instead, our staff team is broken down into four sections. They are as follows:

  • Creators - Our creators are Zemoj, 12_zombies and an0range. They handle development and administration. Should you have any problems with any member of the lead team, feel free to speak to an0range.
  • Staff Leads - Our StaffLeads are Xenon, strunkandy and richieh99. They manage the staff, trial staff and Documancer teams. As part of their role, they handle most of the help requests and staff applications. If you have any concerns or problems with any member of the Staff, Trial Staff or Documancer team, please inform a lead and they will investigate the situation.
  • Staff - Our staff make up the bulk our structure. Their primary role is to aid our community, whether that be through answering questions or dealing with concerns raised or observed in-game, on the forums or via discord.
  • Trial Staff - Trial Staff are staff who are undergoing training and review. This is the rank all successful applicant receive before progressing to full staff status after successfully completing their trial.

Anyone who meets the following conditions may apply to become a staff member:

  • Age 15 and above
  • Netherwalker or above (42 hours played)
  • 21 or more days played - /history
  • 14 day loyaltypoints ratio of 12.0 or higher - /loyaltypoints ratio 14

To apply, simply click the following link and follow the on-screen instructions: Staff Application . After completing your application, the lead team will review and respond accordingly.

Note: While we aim to offer as many players the opportunity to join our staff team as possible, sadly we are unable to accept every application we receive. Should you have any questions, feel free to speak to a lead.

Note: You must have a forums account in order to apply for a staff rank

We are always open for both positive and negative feedback. We have a dedicated feedback section on our forums for you to post your comments: Staff Feedback Forum.

Note: In the unfortunate event that you are unhappy with the actions of any staff member(s), we ask that you directly inform a lead in-game, on the forums, or via discord.

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