Treasure Hunter

Treasure Hunter is one of the 18 Jobs available to players.

Treasure Hunters gain xp and money for looting hidden treasure. Additionally, you earn income and xp for crafting Parrot spawn eggs. Please refer to /j info treasurehunter.

Note: Credit is only given in the Wastelands.

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At level 30 Treasure Hunters can begin to craft their respective job bags, however, these job bags can only hold items relevant to the job.

  • Small Job Bag at level 30, crafted with 2 flawless quartz and 1 gold block, holds 18 items.
  • Large Job Bag at level 40, crafted with 4 flawless quartz and 1 gold block, holds 36 items.
  • Huge Job Bag at level 50, crafted with 6 flawless quartz and 1 gold block, holds 54 items.

Main article: void-storage-and-bags

Advanced JobUpgrade Descriptions
Mountaineer+50% $ for mountains, $ for placing ladders
Oceanographer+50% $ for oceans/rivers, $ for crafting boats
Pathfinder+50% $ for forests/jungles, $ for breaking leaves
Spelunkerx2 $ for underground, $ for placing torches

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