Alchemist is one of the 15 Jobs available to players. Alchemy may seem daunting to some, but it's easy to master once you know all of the ingredients and their effects.

Alchemists gain money and experience through brewing powerful potions, crafting spirit potions, and using splash potions. /j info Alchemist

When you have Alchemist set as an active job, you gain access to the following McMMO skills

  • Alchemy
  • Excavation
  • Herbalism

For more information on McMMO, check out their wiki here

Ingredient Effect Effect Description
Nether Wart Base The most basic ingredient needed for any potion.
Magma Cream Fire Resistance Allows the user to negate fire damage.
Sugar Swiftness Increases movement speed.
Glistering Melon Health Instant health to the user.
Spider Eye Poison Causes the loss of health over time.
Ghast Tear Regeneration Recovers health over time.
Blaze Powder Strength Increases the damage of melee weapons.
Fermented Spider Eye Weakness Reduces attack power.
Golden Carrot Night Vision Allows the user to see in the dark.
Pufferfish Water Breathing Allows the user the breath underwater without drowning.
Cactus Harm Instantly damages.
Phantom MembraneSlow FallingReduces the falling speed.
Rabbit's FootJump BoostIncrease jump height.
Turtle ShellSlowness + ResistanceReduces the speed of the user and reduces all incoming damage to the user.
Modifier Effect Effect Description
Redstone Increased Duration Increases the time of the potion effect.
Glowstone Amplified Effect Increases the power of the effect.
Gunpowder Splash Makes the potion throw-able.
Fermented Spider Eye Corrupted Effect Turns a potion into its harmful counterpart.
Dragon's BreathLingeringMakes the potion linger
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