Miner is one of the 18 Jobs available to players. A Miner can easily find precious metals and gems to aid themselves and fellow players in crafting exceptional items like job items.

Miner can earn money and experience for mining metals and gems. Use /j info miner in-game for more information.

Digging, Mining

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Level 10 Miners can use /radar [ore type] to easily find precious metals and gems. Once activated, radar will find the nearest ore of the type specified within about a 1 to 2 plot range. It will then list the coordinates of the ore found in the chatbox, and then the intuition will fade. The cooldown of the radar depends on the type of ore. Different ore radars are unlocked at different levels of Miner.

Coal Ore10 5 minutes
Iron Ore10 5 minutes
Quartz Ore15 5 mintues
Lapis Lazuli Ore 20 10 minutes
Redstone Ore 25 10 minutes
Gold Ore 30 15 minutes
Emerald Ore 35 15 minutes
Diamond Ore 40 30 mintues

Level 10 Nine of any type of mining drop will condense and automatically craft into their respective blocks. This will not work on gold nuggets or ore blocks. To disable this do /pref disableminerperk in-game.

Level 20 A Miner has the ability to right-click a block at least two blocks above their head with a fishing rod in hand, and in turn, be pulled towards that block.

Miners are able to craft 3 size of their respective job bag, which holds mining drops. For an exact whitelist, level requirements, and recipes, visit void-storage-and-bags

Advanced JobUpgrade Description
Carbon Miner+25% $ for mining coal and diamond
Geologist+50 $ for mining quartz, $ for mining stone
Prospector+50% $ for mining gold, $ for smelting gold
Uranium Minerx2 $ for mining redstone and glowstone

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