Blacksmith is one of the 15 Jobs available to players. They are masters of the anvil and can imbue weapons and armor with unique effects.

Blacksmiths earn money and experience for smelting ores, for crafting weapons, tools and armor, and for repairing weapons, tools and armor on a McMMO anvil, which is an iron block. Use /j info blacksmith in-game for more details about income and experience.

Repair, Salvage, Smelting, Swords

Blacksmiths have a variety of unique abilities that make the job useful, from crafting horse armor and enchanted books to imbuing tools and armor with special effects with anvil crafting.

Blacksmiths can enchant books with Unbreaking and Mending in a crafting table using the recipes below:

Blacksmith Level Enchanted Book Crafting Recipe
10 Unbreaking I Iron Ingot + 3 XP Bottles + 1 Book
20 Unbreaking II Iron Ingot + 6 XP Bottles + 1 Book
30 Unbreaking III Pure Iron + 1 Bucket of Lesser Enchanting + 1 Book
40 Mending Legendary Monster Essence + 1 Bucket of Greater Enchanting + 1 Book

Starting at level 10, blacksmiths can craft chainmail armor. Chainmail armor is crafted using iron nuggets, placed in a crafting table in normal armor patterns. Note that chainmail armor can't be repaired with a McMMO anvil. It can only be repaired by placing iron in a vanilla anvil.

Starting at level 10, blacksmiths gain some resistance to fire damage. While on fire, 50% of fire damage is negated.

Starting at level 20, blacksmiths can create unique armor imbued with special effects using a new, more realistic crafting sequence. Blacksmiths can craft this special armor at the following levels:

Blacksmith Level Material
20 Gold
30 Iron
40 Diamond, Netherite

Main article: Anvil Crafting

Starting at level 30, blacksmiths craft special items that grant bonus job experience. These items are created with anvil crafting. Job items or their molds can be crafted using the following recipes:

Job Item Crafting Recipe
Arborist's Hatchet Iron Axe Mold + Emerald Block
Blacksmith's Hammer Iron Axe Mold + 4 Anvil
Builder's Brick Pure Iron + 8 Lapis Block
Chef's Spoon Iron Shovel Mold + 8 Lapis Block
Demolitionist's Hardhat Iron Helmet Mold + 4 Monster Egg
Excavator's Shovel Iron Shovel Mold + 8 Soul Sand
Explorer's Greaves Iron Leggings Mold + Pure Redstone
Farmer's Plow Iron Hoe Mold + 4 Saddle
Miner's Pickaxe Iron Pickaxe Mold + Diamond Block
Monster Hunter's Stompers Iron Boots Mold + 4 Magma Cream
Monster Hunter's Sword Iron Sword Mold + 4 Magma Cream
Rancher's Shears Shears mold + 4 Monster Egg
Treasure Hunter's Shovel Iron Shovel Mold + 4 Map

Main article: Anvil Crafting

Blacksmiths can use the Salvage skill to salvage weapons, tools and armor. Salvaging requires Smithing level of 25 and is done by right clicking a gold block with the item to be salvaged. The item is destroyed, and a portion of the materials used to craft the item are dropped. Make sure you have enough space above the gold block, or you may lose items.

Blacksmiths can use the Repair skill to repair weapons, tools and armor. The types of items you can repair and the cost of repairs depends on your Repair level. Repairs are done by right clicking an iron block with the tool to be repaired. You must also have materials in your inventory to use for the repair.

Blacksmiths can craft horse armor using the following recipes. The blacksmith level needed for each recipe can be found below:

Blacksmith Level Armor Type Crafting Recipe
10 Iron Horse Armor Recipes
15 Gold
20 Diamond
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