Anvil Crafting

A well-versed blacksmith has the ability to create powerful armor pieces using the custom feature Anvil Crafting.

The process of Anvil Crafting is straightforward and easy to remember. You can also see a summary of this process in-game with /faq anvilcrafting.

Before you start, make sure you have the following ready:

  • Crafting Table
  • Anvil (vanilla, not McMMO)
  • Any type of Axe
  • Full Cauldron

All anvil crafted items are made with pure materials. Pure Iron is used to craft all anvil crafted Job Items. The material type determines the blacksmith level needed for crafting:

Blacksmith Level Material
20 Flawless Gold
30 Flawless Iron
40 Flawless Diamond, Flawless Netherite Ingot

Once you have all the materials you need, you're ready to craft a mold.

Place your pure items in a crafting table, in the same shape as the vanilla armor/tool recipe for the mold you want to craft.

Now that you have crafted a mold, you can imbue it with special effects.

Combine your mold with materials from the list below in a crafting table. You should now have an imbued mold, ready to be worked.

Working the imbued mold is the last step in the Anvil Crafting process. These steps will turn your mold into a usable item:

  1. Drop the mold on top of an anvil.
  2. Left click the top of the anvil with an axe to hammer the item into shape.
  3. When the hammering is finished (you'll hear an experience gain sound), pick up the worked item.
  4. Cool the item by right clicking a filled cauldron with it.

After cooling, the item will be put back in your inventory. Your Anvil Crafted item is complete!

Anvil crafted Job Items are made with the same process.

Combine a mold with the ingredients in this table to imbue it with the listed effect.

Item Mold Ingredients Effect
Miner's Headlamp Helmet 4 Redstone Lamp Night Vision I
Diving Helmet Helmet 8 Fish Water Breathing I
Muscle Shirt Chestplate 4 Anvil Strength I
Impenetrable Vest Chestplate Dragon Egg Resistance I
Fungi Tunic Chestplate 4 Ghast Tear Regeneration I
Miner's Overalls Leggings 8 Clock Haste I
Asbestos Pants Leggings 8 Magma Cream Fire Resistance I
Journeyman's Boots Boots 2 Enchanted Golden Apple Speed I
Bunny Slippers Boots Rabbit's Foot Jump Boost I
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