Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter is one of the 18 Jobs available to players. To make this job easier you may want to craft a weapon of your choice.

Monster Hunters gain xp and money for hunting monsters. Additionally, you earn income and xp from crafting Diamond Containment Eggs. Please refer to /j info monsterhunter.

Note: Credit will only be given in the Wastelands.

Containment Eggs are used to capture and store various types of mobs on the server. As a Monster Hunter, you can craft a Diamond Containment Egg at level 20. The recipe is 1 Egg being surrounded by 8 Diamonds. This has the ability to capture Normal monsters.

At level 10 Monster Hunters unlock the ability to use /track. Tracking has a range of 100 blocks (+/-32 vertically) and always works in areas where monsters can spawn.

Job LevelMob LevelTrackable Mobs
Level 10Normal/StrongZombie, Skeleton, Creeper, and Spider
Level 20HeroicCave Spider, Enderman, Slime, Witch, Silverfish, Pig Zombie, and Magma Cube
Level 30LegendaryVillager, Iron Golem, Snowman, Giant, Blaze, and Ghast

Please note that tracking has a cooldown depending the mob level as well as a cooldown multiplier of x1.5

Mob LevelCooldown
Strong Mobs5 minutes
Heroic Mobs15 minutes
Legendary Mobs30 minutes

Note: There is a 5-minute cooldown before you begin to breed an animal that has been spawned with a Containment Egg.

As you level Monster Hunter, you also gain access to special arrows that can be accessed by shift left-clicking while wielding a bow.

Job LevelUnlocked ArrowDescription
Level 10FireballConverts arrow into a blaze fireball
Level 15Razor ArrowIncreases the chance of a critical hit
Level 20Explosive ArrowArrow explodes on impact (2 block radius)
Level 25Piercing Arrowx1.5 multiplier on arrow damage
Level 30Compression ArrowArrow explodes on impact (3 block radius + knockback)
Level 40Decaying ArrowConverts arrow into a wither skull that inflicts wither damage

At level 30 Monster Hunters can begin to craft their respective job bags, however, these job bags can only hold items relevant to the job.

  • Small Job Bag at level 30, crafted with 2 sturdy branches and 1 Monster Head, holds 18 items.
  • Large Job Bag at level 40, crafted with 4 sturdy branches and 1 Monster Head, holds 36 items.
  • Huge Job Bag at level 50, crafted with 6 sturdy branches and 1 Monster Head, holds 54 items.

Main article: void-storage-and-bags

Advanced JobUpgrade Descriptions
Revolutionaryx4 $ for killing creepers, $ for crafting TNT
Exterminatorx2 $ for insects, x3 $ for fire
Exorcistx2 $ for zombies/skeletons, x3 $ for fire
Paladin+50% $ for humanoid monsters
Dragon Slayer$ for killing the ender dragon

Main article: Advanced Jobs

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