GoS Alchemy

Jobs with this skill:: Alchemist, Demolitionist

The Alchemy skill receives experience from brewing potions

  • stage1: 15 - Turning a potion into an awkward potion
  • stage2: 30 - Brewing a potion into something usable i.e Strength
  • stage3: 60 - Increasing the Effectiveness of the potion, Redstone or Glowstone
  • stage4: 120 - Turning the potion into a throwable potion
  • stage5: 120 - Turning the potion into a lingering potion with gunpowder

The stages are multiplied by how many potions are in the brewing stand at the same time as well, so if you brew 3 awkward potions you will receive 45 experience.

Alchemy currently has no abilities.

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