When you vote for our server, you help us rank higher on server listing sites. Achieving a higher rank helps more players to find and join the server. When you help us by voting, we give you reward points, which can be redeemed for amazing prizes via the in-game rewards shop.

You can vote for the server by following the links on our voting page. Each link will take you to a different place to vote for our server. Make sure you enter your Minecraft username exactly as it appears in-game to receive your rewards.

We occasionally have voting contests, with special rewards for the top voters during the contest. For example, these are the rewards for the January 2020 Race for the Crown contest:

Place Rewards
1-5 Voting Crown
6-10 250 Extra Reward Points
11-25 100 Extra Reward Points
26-50 50 Extra Reward Points

Reward points can be used to purchase a variety of items, from LP and money to custom elytra and bags of holding. Use the /rewards command in-game to spend reward points and to see how many points you currently have. Below is a table of the items that can be purchased in the rewards shop.

Voting Reward Points Voting Reward Points Voting Reward Points
1 Bonus LP 1 Ancient Planeswalker Fragment 50 Sponge 5
10 Bonus LP 9 Ancient Ice and Fire Fragment 50 Umami 2
100 Bonus LP 90 Ancient Deadly Fragment 50 Monster Essence 2
1 Towny Bonus Plot 10 Ancient Horsemen Fragment 50
10 Towny Bonus Plots 90 Legend of the Golden Ninja 200
100 Towny Bonus Plots 900 The Planeswalker Gathering 250
$25 1 A Song of Ice and Fire 300
$250 9 Seven Deadly Sins 350
$2,500 90 Horsemen of the Apocalypse 400
Player Head 50 Treasure Map Fragment 5
Mayhem Mystery Box - Iron 25 Purified Gold Ingot 10
Mayhem Mystery Box - Gold 50 Purified Iron Ingot 20
Mayhem Mystery Box - Diamond 100 Flawless Diamond 25
Large Bag of Holding 150 Perfect Leather Hide 20
Extra Large Bag of Holding 300 Sturdy Branch 20
Huge Bag of Holding 600 Potent Redstone Dust 10
Dragon Head 250 Potent Glowstone Dust 10
Cloak of Ascension 250 Wither Skull Shard 5
Cloak of Fury 250 Wither Skeleton Skull 40
Cloak of Sparks 250 Beacon 150
Cloak of Vapors 250 Dragon Egg 50
Cloak of Ashes 250 Zombie Head 5
Cloak of Flames 250 Skeleton Skull 5
Cloak of Storms 250 Creeper Head 5
Cloak of Frost 250 Trophy Stand 10
Cloak of Slime 250 Emerald 1
Cloak of Blood 250 Diamond 3
Ancient Ninja Fragment 50 Ghast Tear 4
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