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The Servers of Octagami's Mayhem Multiverse are maintained by a dedicated team of staff members. Each staff member has a specific role (staff rank) aimed at providing the best experience for players.

Staff Ranks





The five staff ranks are Architect, Developer, Guide, Moderator, and Promoter.

Each of these ranks deals with a specific aspect of the server, but cooperation among members of staff occurs frequently.

Rank In-game rank
Architect [Architect]
Developer [Dev]
Guide [Guide]
Moderator [Mod]
Promoter [Promoter]


The main activity Architects are involved in is building structures for server features and events. Almost all of the builds for server functions and events are built by Architects, who work tirelessly to complete structures for server features and locations. The majority of an Architect's role involves building, so player interaction related to their staff duties is not a major part of their role. Architects are given creative mode and world edit permissions on the architect development server; However, these permissions do not carry over to the Towny servers so they cannot assist in reclaiming items or spawn in items using creative mode.


As the coders of the server, Developers are responsible for management and creation of server features and plugins. Developers are tasked with keeping the core plugins of the servers running, which allows for the continuation of servers being operational and working optimally. They also assist the server operators with any additions to server plugins and the creation of new server features.


The OMM Towny servers have a lot of custom features and plugins, and players often have questions about the changes and additions to the game. Guides answer any questions players have and make information about the server accessible to players, so they can simply access the information instead of having to ask in chat. The in-game FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and the OMM Wiki located on the website are maintained and updated by Guides.


Enforcement of server rules and regulation of player activities is handled by Moderators, who provide a good server environment through making sure players are not harassing other players or cheating in any way. Moderators also assist players in any problems that require staff action, such as problems with Towny claims and problems with the Jobs plugin.

Note: Restorations due to server malfunction are handled by Lead Moderators.


Bringing new players to the server and advertising server events/features is primarily accomplished by Promoters. Server news postings on the website and videos that promote the server and/or server features are created by the Promoter team. Promoters also encourage players in-game to vote for the server and to participate in server events coordinated by staff.

Special Staff Ranks

There are several types of ranks for staff members who have been given a leadership role in the staff organization.

Rank In-game rank
Creator [Creator]
Lead Architect [LArchitect]
Lead Developer [LDev]
Lead Guide [LGuide]
Lead Moderator [LMod]
Lead Promoter [LPromoter]
Staff Lead [StaffLead]

Creator Rank

The operation of the server is handled by players with the Creator rank. They are in charge of running the server and have developed the core plugins and features of OMM.

The current four players with the rank Creator are Octagami, Lindsu, Xor_Boole, and Zemoj.

Lead Staff

Each staff rank has two staff members designated as Lead Staff. These staff members are in charge of coordinating their respective ranks and making sure staff members of their ranks are fulfilling their roles as staff members. Lead staff should be asked to help with more complicated matters concerning what their respective rank routinely handles.

To see the current roster of lead staff, use the command /faq leads in-game.

Staff Lead

Players with the rank Staff Lead are in charge of coordinating all staff activities.