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Soldier is one of the twenty jobs available to players. Soldiers practice the war arts of swordsmanship, axe-wielding, hand-to-hand combat, and archery, although they lack the Hunter's prowess in the latter. Soldiers earn money and Job Exp from defending their towns from monsters, and hunting them down in the wilderness.

Income and Experience

Soldiers earn money and experience for landing hits with different weapons. (/j info Soldier)

As of the most recent update, Legendary and Heroic mobs despawn 10 minutes after killing the player who begins to fight them.

Note: Iron Golems and Zombie Pigmen will drop nuggets instead of ingots.

mcMMO Skills

Unique Abilities


(Level 10+) Soldiers have a vastly increased chance of looting the weapon of the monster they are fighting upon the its death.

Armor Breaker

(Level 20+) Soldiers can break mobs' armor and possibly make them drop the armor on death.


(Level 10+) Soldier can use special arrows to attack their foes. Left-click with a bow in order to toggle between different arrow types. Different types are unlocked at different levels:

Level Arrow Type Effect
Special Arrows
10 Fireball Converts arrow to blaze fireball
15 Razor Razor arrow, increased crit chance
20 Explosive Explodes on impact
25 Piercing Piercing, ignores armor
30 Compression Compression, explosion with knockback
40 Wither Decaying effect

Job Bags

Soldiers are able to craft 3 sizes of their respective job bag, which holds weapons and armor. For an exact whitelist, level requirements, and recipes, visit Job Bags.


Challenges can be used by level 10+ Soldiers to summon hostile mobs.

Summoning Mobs With Challenge

Hostile mobs may be summoned within a town or on the Wastelands server (/warp Wastelands ). If the mobs are being summoned within a town, the toggle for mobs will need to be enabled (Plot: /plot toggle mobs and Town: /t toggle mobs ).

When spawning in the mob, you must be in the biome specific to the mob (e.g Mob Type: Arctic Fox, Biome : Taiga). To summon the hostile mob, the listed materials will be needed : 1 block of any type of wool, an item frame, 1 block of your choosing as well as a non-enchanted sword (see the table below to find the specific type of sword needed). Once you are ready to challenge the mob, right click on the sword in the item frame once. If successful, the mob should spawn in.

Firstly, place down a wool on the top. You can have two wool if you'd like. Second, place down the item frame and sword. Lastly, place down the sign with either a monster type or a monster name, as specified above.

Note that when the challenge occurs, the sword will be consumed if the challenge is successful. You cannot challenge any type of "Horseman Legendary" mob with the reason being, they are guaranteed to drop a tome fragment upon last hit.

Level Unlocks
10 Common hostile mob challenging using a wooden sword and Strong hostile mob challenging using an iron sword
20 Heroic hostile mob challenging using a gold sword.
30 Legendary hostile mob challenging using a diamond sword.
35 Specify mob type on the second line ( e.g. Ghast )
40 Specify mob name on the third - fourth lines ( e.g. The Butcher )

Challenge Cooldown

After challenging a hostile mob, you will need to wait a certain amount of time before attempting to challenge another mob (see the table posted below).

Challenge Time modifier
Normal Monster No Cooldown
Strong Mob 5 minute cooldown
Heroic Mob 15 minute cooldown
Legendary Mob 30 minute cooldown
Specifying Monster Type 1.5x multiplier to the base cooldown
Specifying Monster Name 2x Multiplier to the base cooldown

Base cooldown is the cooldown time for whatever challenge you spawn in such as: Normal Mob, Strong mob, Heroic mob, Legendary mob.

To specify, if you had successfully challenged a Heroic mob, you would need to wait a full 15 minutes before being able to attempt to challenge another mob. If you specified the Legendary mob's name, you would need to wait 30 minutes.

Armor Swap

(Level 10+) Soldiers have the ability to switch their armor and weapons with an armor stand by shift left-clicking an armor stand.

Advanced Jobs

Advanced Job Upgrade Description
Brawler +50% $ for fighting unarmed
Centurion +50% $ for blunt weapons, $ for grafting gold armor
Musketeer +50% $ for fighting with bow, $ for fireworks
Samurai +50% $ for wielding swords, $ for crafting swords
Viking +50% $ for wielding an axe