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Making Money

Money is a key aspect to Octagami's Mayhem Multiverse, allowing the player to do a great amount of different activities. Even having a small amount will allow you to; create a town, buy blocks for building a house/town, purchase combat related gear (potions/armor/weapons), or even buy things in the server's auctions! This guide will walk you, the player, through the many, many different ways you can go about earning that precious object, cash!

The Basics

Before we can move into how to make money, we need to learn the different commands related to it. (These commands are related to your balance and paying others, other commands will be described in the section that relates to them)


  • /bal - /balance - /money - All three of these commands display the user's current balance. If the player is first starting, or has spent all the money, the command will show $0.00. This can get confusing when using this command cross-servers or on offline players. The balance command will return $0.00 for players that are offline or on another server.
  • /mc - Changes the current chat room to Market Chat. This should be the place you go to discuss any topic related to buying/selling, prices, or shop related conversations.
  • /shop - Teleports player to the server Shop, many things can be bought/sold here.
  • /bal <playername> - Displays another player's (playername) current balance.
  • /baltop - Displays the top 10 highest balances in OMM.
  • /pay <playername> <amount> - Allows you to give another player (playername) a set amount of money (amount).
  • /iinfo - /iteminfo - Displays the information on the current item being held; item's name, ID number, and additional information (enchantments, etc).
  • Finally, there are several commands you need to know in order to access player shops. First, go to this link to find different shops and their names/servers. You then go to their server, for example, to access FakePlayer's Store (who's shop is named fakestore) on Sol, you'd do /sol and then /warp fakestore.

Making Money With Jobs

Using Jobs is the primary income for many players. OMM has a great many amount of jobs to choose from that cater to many different styles of gameplay and personalities. A list of jobs, and their descriptions, can be found at the Jobs section of this wiki. This page will not go into detail regarding all the different jobs there are, so make sure you check out that page to find what would be best for you!

General Commands You Will Need Regarding Jobs -
  • /j info (jobname) - Shows you a table of different actions/recipes you can do to earn money/exp, and also shows the amount of money and exp for each. This is a great command to show you what actions/recipes you should be completing for each job in order to level the fastest, as well as earning the most money.
Alright, so how do I make money using these jobs?
  • First and foremost, you have to decide what job would best fit your personality. Personally, I chose Miner, Arborist, and Hunter when I first joined the server. Note: Don't spend too much time trying to decide which jobs will fit for you, you may reselect your jobs every hour, so if one of the jobs you chose doesn't fit, you can absolutely go with another one until you find the ones you like best.
  • When doing actions/recipes, you should always commit to using the specific job for that action. So, if you're planning on traveling a far distance in the Wastelands (/warp wastelands) to find trees to cut down and then fish in a far off river, you should select the Explorer job, the Arborist job, and the Fisherman job. This will allow you to earn money from exploring new chunks, earn money from cutting down trees, and then also earn money from fishing.
  • You make money doing things related to your job. So, in short, a Fisherman will make money off of fishing. A Chef will make money off of cooking. A Hunter will make money using a bow. You can determine what actions/recipes will give you the most money and experience from using the /j info (jobname) command. This will show you a long list of what actions/recipes that give experience/money for each job. This list is in ascending order from least to most.
  • While it may seem like, "Hey, so a Blacksmith makes the most money from making diamond chestplates, so I'm going to make 50 diamond chestplates." But this is not the most effective way to make money. If you're going to sell these items after you craft them, and make the job money off them, you have to realize that no one is going to buy 50 diamond chestplates, and then not have the rest of the armor set. This means the best course of action would be to make several sets of full diamond armor, diamond tools, and swords. This will now give you the ability to sell full sets of diamond. From here, after making the money from crafting them, you would use the Enchanter job so that you could earn the money from enchanting the full sets of diamond. Now, you made money from Blacksmith for crafting, and then made money from Enchanter for enchanting it all.

Making Money From Player Chest Shops

Now, what to do with all this amazing enchanted diamond armor, tools, and swords I have? And what about all the dirt, logs, stone, and ores that I've collected from leveling up my jobs?

  • It's time to open up some chest shops, and maybe even a player store! Chest shops are absolutely the best thing for a player to create, because it benefits every single person on the server. You can buy from chest shops, as well as sell to chest shops, which allows the player to, 1. Obtain the items the player might need for building/etc, and 2. Sell the items the player doesnt need, or has extra of in order to earn even more money.

Check out the chest shop wiki Chest Shops for all the information you will need regarding Chest Shops.

  • When considering making a player store, you want to focus on the blocks/items that people will want the most of. So, gravel, granite, diorite, andesite, etc, are probably not the items you should focus largely on, (However, you should definitely still sell common items like this, because you want everyone to come to you to buy all the blocks they could possibly need. When they come to your store for some simple dirt, they might notice the Sea Lanterns in another part of your player shop, and decide they want to go buy those as well.) so you should focus more on popular, needed, items, like quartz, or stone bricks.
Simply put, this just means you should spend lots of time collecting quartz, stone, diamonds, etc, to sell, and spend a significant amount of time less collecting dirt, gravel, etc.


Last, but certainly not least, auctions is yet another fantastic tool for making money. You will see many people using auctions, and here's how you can as well.

In order to set up an auction, you first need an item to sell.

Step 1: Once you find an item that you'd like to get rid of, put it in your hotbar.
Step 2: While holding the item that you want to sell you'll want to go to /shop, once you're there, type this command -
/auction start (amount of items to sell) (amount of money you're selling the item for) (increment of bid) (time for bidding) (buy now)
  • Amount of items to sell means, how many items that are in your hand that you're trying to auction. Are you trying to sell a stack of stone? If so, type 64. Are you trying to sell a sword? If so, type 1.
  • Amount of money speaks for itself, if you want 128 for you're stone, you'll type 128. If you want 5000 for your sword, type 5000. The highest amount that can be input in this section is 100,000.
  • Increment of bid, this allows you to choose what the lowest amount a person can bid in order to outbid the previous person. If it's set at 50, and the previous bid was 10, the next person can bid 60 at the very least, and any amount higher than that.
  • Time is managed in seconds, so if you want your auction to be set up for 1 minute and 30 seconds type "90" in this section.
  • Buy Now. This allows you to set an amount that, if someone bids that amount, they can instantly buy the item.
Example -
I'm trying to auction 19 yellow stained clay for $150, I want people to bid at least 50 every time, and I want this bid to go for 2 minutes. I do not want a buy now.
While holding the 19 yellow stained clay in my hand, type;
/auction start 19 150 50 120
Note - You do not need to add bid now, but if you'd like, the command would have looked like this (with a bidnow of 500);
/auction start 19 150 50 120 500