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The forums are a place where you can learn more about about the network, make new friends, stay informed on new updates and exchange ideas with the player-base. Our forums will also provide you with various services such as asking questions, reporting players, or appealing a ban in case of a punishment.‚Äč

Creating a Forum Account

To create a forum account, simply click on sign up button at the top of the page:


After that is done, you will want to select the "No, create an account now" option and proceed to the sign up page by entering your e-mail in the given field then clicking "Sign up" Forums2.png

When you are done filling out the basic information such as your forum username, e-mail and password, as well as completing a small verification to prove that you are human, you will be redirected to this message:


All you have to do now is login to the e-mail you used to register your forum account and confirm your account registration. You should get the following message and your registration will be completed:


Customizing Your Account

There are many ways you can personalize your forum account. You can start by clicking your name at the top of the page and selecting one of the following options:


Personal Details

The first option entitled Personal Details will allow you to use a wide variety of customization tools such as updating your status, setting a new avatar, changing your gender, the display of your date of birth and the option to add more details about yourself, should you feel the need to do so.


The second option entitled Signature will allow you to customize your signature. Your signature is what will be displayed directly below all of your posts on the forums.

Contact Details

The third option entitled Contact Details will allow you to modify the e-mail you used to register your forum account, your social media identities and messaging preferences (forum conversations, what you'll receive e-mails for, etc).


The fourth option entitled Privacy will allow you to modify the privacy of your account such as your online status, who can make posts on your profile, who can start conversations with you along with many more options.


The fifth option entitled Preferences will allow you to set your forum style, change your timezone settings and modify many browsing preferences.

Alert Preferences

The sixth option entitled Alert Preferences allows you to choose what will send you alerts and such.

Alerts & Conversations

Located at the top of the page, next to your forum name, are two options- "Inbox" and "Alerts"


  • The inbox option, highlighted in green, is where you can start up a conversation with either a player or a staff member. You can view your conversations here and start one up either by hovering over the inbox option and clicking "Start a New Conversation" or by following this link.
  • The alerts option, highlighted in red, is where you can find all alerts you receive for all actions performed by players that involve you in some way (whether you commented on a post, watched a thread, etc.), however these won't show up if you modified your alert preferences. By clicking here, you will be able to view your alerts. You can hover alerts and click "Show All..." to view all of your alerts or follow this link.

Another way you can to start up a conversation with another user is by clicking on their forum name and choosing the option that says "Start a Conversation", as shown here:


Once you have started a conversation with someone, you can choose to add additional people to it. All of the users included in the conversation can be found under participants. You can add them by typing in their full forum name. Be sure to add a conversation title and click the "Start a Conversation" option when you are done.


Exploring The Forum

You can start viewing content by clicking on the "Forums" option at the top of the page or by following this link.


You can view multiple forum sections and lots of our content. Once you have clicked the forums option and are on our main forums page, you should see a blue navigation bar. There, you can view our shoutbox, your watched forums, and new posts. To view new content, click on the "New Posts" option:


General Navigation

The navigation bar will allow you to quickly go to different sections on our forum.


  • Recent News: This section will show you our recent updates as well as announcements made by our staff team.
  • Forums: This section is thoroughly explained throughout the entire thread.
  • Voting: Here you can vote for our server and gain voting points, which you can then spend on awesome rewards via the /rewards command in-game. Under the voting tab, the voting sites are categorized by their level of importance - meaning sites like Planet Minecraft that have high traffic reward you 5 points, rather than 1 point such as the low-tier sites that have lower-traffic - we can get to a higher ranking with a much smaller amount of votes on those sites. More info can be found [Voting here].
  • Donate: Here you can donate funds towards our server and receive bonus points. These points can be used with the /bonus command in-game and can be spent to increase network-wide bonuses such as job experience gain, mcMMO skill gain, rare item drop rate and legendary monster spawn rate. More info here.
  • Servers: Here, you can find a small graph of each server we have which will tell you how many players have visited the server recently.

The "More" tab consists of 3 different sections:

  • Wiki: On our wiki, you can find various subjects and in-depth guides. It will explain everything from our job system to our many custom plugins such as our Lucky 8 Casino, our voting system and much more. To search for topics you want a little more information about, use the search bar at the top of the screen. You can click the option below your search field to go directly to the page or click the search button to view more results, as shown here:


  • Calendar: You can find all of our scheduled event dates on our server's calendar. Dates for things like the Moderator, Guide, Promoter and Architect trial selection days will be listed here, as well as nickname nights and other cool events.
  • OMM Library: Here you can find the entire community's published books. More info here.

Interacting With Other Players' Content

Upon viewing a thread, you will notice quite a few different options aside from the post itself. You can choose to reply to the thread, and to do this simply start typing in the box located at the bottom of the page.


  • The section highlighted in red at the top is what you can use to modify the appearance of your text, add images and videos to your post, and format it along with many other functions.
  • The section highlighted in green at the top right are advanced functions used to edit your text with BB Code Editor.
  • The section highlighted in pink at the bottom right is used to upload files along with an option that allows you to open up your post on a new page, which will allow you to check options such as watching the thread, receiving e-mail notifications for the thread and more.
  • The section highlighted in blue near the bottom right is the button you would click on when you are done with your reply.

Under other players' posts you will see many options that will allow you to interact with content they have sent themselves.


  • The report button, highlighted in blue, is to be used when players post content that violates our official rules. If you encounter content that seems malicious or looks toxic, be sure to report it so we can deal with it sooner rather than later. Insulting players and advertising are some examples of what should be reported. For more information regarding this, feel free to take another look at our rules or start a conversation with a staff member.
  • The green area will display the number of ratings a post has, alongside a list button which will allow you to view which members rated the post.
  • The red area will contain a reply button - clicking this will quote the player's post in your reply, allowing you to directly speak with them.
  • The pink area will contain a list of ratings, used to express your opinion throughout our forums. See the ratings spoiler below to see what each of our ratings mean and where you can use them.

Making Your Own Content

Reporting Content that Violates Our Rules

Following & Being Followed


Forum Ranks & Trophies

Applying for a Staff Position

Making a Ban Appeal

Reporting Abuse & Rule-Breakers