Cumulative voting or top voting rewards


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Dec 11, 2020
Voting is an essential factor in gaining new players and moving servers up the voting sites rankings. More votes overall means your server has more of a playerbase willing to vote and help the server be seen by more eyes. If your server is 18 pages in on a server listing for a category most likely, you will not be viewed as easily as someone on the 6th page. While some server do premium advertising that is very costly and can bleed server funds that can be used for growth, plugins, and server cost themselves. A way to do this in a more cost effective and pro active way is one of two paths. The first path adds top voters rewards such as so much playtime, points in reward store, or even special tags cosmetics available only to those dedicated voters who place 1-3 place for that month. The other path is the one which rewards cumulative votes per month so say 5 days of voting with 6 sites equals 30 votes would give them a prize guaranteed if they vote 5 days in that month. These cumulative prizes can be set in stone, changed month to month, or since we do have a very filled out /rewards page now points guaranteed at milestones that players can choose to spend as they desire. While voting itself has a chance to win some nice stuff the cumulative rewards are guaranteed and having better prizes as the milestones increase it does tend to incentivize players to vote more frequently to hit those milestones within the month. An argument for making things "unbalanced" or to easy is a fair point but people have already brought this up about the random chance items such as elytras, beacons, and dragon eggs.

The idea of having the voting system branch in this direction is to incentive voters to get more out of their votes while the server benefits from the more influx of votes. The server gets to move up the vote listing reaching more eyes and those perspective people can add to the growing voting pool to get ahead. While it may seem kinda underrated next to personal recruitment, voting is the best way to pull new players and old players back to the server. More people equals more votes which leads to more contentment so players feel like they are playing with others versus being on for hours at a time and just being with HorizonBot. I purposefully left the voting rewards ambiguous so that the owner and mods can make final judgement on what they would think would be good incentives for cumulative votes. If I was to put my own input in I would say maybe 1/2 point to 1 extra point at the milestones would be a good starting place so for instances: The month of January if you vote 30 times that would give either 15 to 30 extra /reward point to spend, 60 votes would give 30 to 60 extra /reward point to spend, 90 votes would give 45 to 90 extra /reward point to spend, 120 votes would give 60 10 120 extra /reward point to spend, 160 votes would give 80 to 160 extra /reward point to spend. The points are only given in that month when the votes hit that threshold reset every month on the 1st. Even hitting the 120 milestone at the 1 point I would net 240 vote points for a month and still need almost 4 months of constant voting to get the huge enhanced shulker box. The tomes themselves are 200-400 points respectively so still 1-2 months of voting to get those.

In summary I would like to see more incentives for voting versus the random lottery mode that seems to favor certain players over others depending if they vote right after someone else. This way seems the fairest and leaves individual choice and freedom in selection while giving even more incentive to help the server grow and thrive. I know some people might ask why I didn't include vote parties and the simple reason is people make afk bypasses to be online for those things so they just tend to cause more trouble for staff in the long run. These proposed systems would only burden staff at the beginning of each month to reset the counters.


Sep 28, 2019
I really like the idea of voting streak rewards as well. I think it would be a great way to increase the player base.