1. S

    Resolved Need to get rid of dead town

    In-game name and (if applicable)previous name: Senpai_Mason Approximate date/time event occurred: January 5th (first attempt to claim new plots) Server: Horizon (If applicable)Town name: New Virgins² (not sure if its named yet) Detailed explanation on the problem: I'm trying to reclaim plots...
  2. Dusty


    /t spawn Nine Heyo! We're a town with multiple public resources good for leveling jobs, shops and more. This is our "Read about us" page! A Quick History: When NonaiX (My girlfriend) and I (Dusty) decided to come to MC again, and we found the server she played on 6 years ago; we had an...
  3. Sally_nightmare

    By Design Town plot perms changing without input

    Hello, I am having to check the plot perms on all my plots daily as they are someone changing themselves. They are not reverting back to anything specific. Sometimes mobs will be the only thing that toggles on but today I had a plot that residents, allies, and outsiders could do everything to...