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 ~~NOTOC~~ ~~NOTOC~~
 ====== Monster Hunter ====== ====== Monster Hunter ======
 +Monster Hunter is one of the 18 [[jobs:​start|Jobs]] available to players. To make this job easier you may want to craft a weapon of your choice.
 +===== Income and Experience =====
 +Monster Hunters gain xp and money for hunting monsters. Additionally,​ you earn income and xp from crafting Diamond Containment Eggs.  Please refer to ''/​j info monsterhunter''​.
 +//**Note**: Credit will only be given in the Wastelands.//​
 +===== GoS Skills =====
 +[[gos:​archery|Archery]],​ [[gos:​taming|Taming]],​ [[gos:​combat|Combat]]
 +//Main article:// [[gos:​start|Glass of Skills]]
 +===== Unique Abilities =====
 +==== Containment Eggs ====
 +[[:​containment-eggs|Containment Eggs]] are used to capture and store various types of mobs on the server. As a Monster Hunter, you can craft a Diamond Containment Egg at ''​level 20''​. The recipe is 1 Egg being surrounded by 8 Diamonds. This has the ability to capture Normal monsters.
 +==== Tracking ====
 +At ''​level 10''​ Monster Hunters unlock the ability to use ''/​track''​. Tracking has a range of 100 blocks (+/-32 vertically) and always works in areas where monsters can spawn.
 +^Job Level^Mob Level^Trackable Mobs^
 +|Level 10|Normal/​Strong|Zombie,​ Skeleton, Creeper, and Spider|
 +|Level 20|Heroic|Cave Spider, Enderman, Slime, Witch, Silverfish, Pig Zombie, and Magma Cube|
 +|Level 30|Legendary|Villager,​ Iron Golem, Snowman, Giant, Blaze, and Ghast|
 +//Please note that tracking has a cooldown depending the mob level as well as a cooldown multiplier of x1.5//
 +^Mob Level^Cooldown|
 +|Strong Mobs|5 minutes|
 +|Heroic Mobs|15 minutes|
 +|Legendary Mobs|30 minutes|
 +//**Note**: There is a 5-minute cooldown before you begin to breed an animal that has been spawned with a Containment Egg.//
 +==== Special Arrows ====
 +As you level Monster Hunter, you also gain access to special arrows that can be accessed by ''​shift left-clicking''​ while wielding a bow.
 +^Job Level^Unlocked Arrow^Description^
 +|Level 10|Fireball|Converts arrow into a blaze fireball|
 +|Level 15|Razor Arrow|Increases the chance of a critical hit|
 +|Level 20|Explosive Arrow|Arrow explodes on impact (2 block radius)|
 +|Level 25|Piercing Arrow|x1.5 multiplier on arrow damage|
 +|Level 30|Compression Arrow|Arrow explodes on impact (3 block radius + knockback)|
 +|Level 40|Decaying Arrow|Converts arrow into a wither skull that inflicts wither damage|
 +===== Job Bags =====
 +At ''​level 30''​ Monster Hunters can begin to craft their respective job bags, however, these job bags can only hold items relevant to the job.
 +  * Small Job Bag at ''​level 30'',​ crafted with 2 sturdy branches and 1 Monster Head, holds 18 items.
 +  * Large Job Bag at ''​level 40'',​ crafted with 4 sturdy branches and 1 Monster Head, holds 36 items.
 +  * Huge Job Bag at ''​level 50'',​ crafted with 6 sturdy branches and 1 Monster Head, holds 54 items.
 +===== Advanced Jobs =====
 +^Advanced Job^Upgrade Descriptions^
 +|Revolutionary|x4 $ for killing creepers, $ for crafting TNT|
 +|Exterminator|x2 $ for insects, x3 $ for fire|
 +|Exorcist|x2 $ for zombies/​skeletons,​ x3 $ for fire|
 +|Paladin|+50% $ for humanoid monsters|
 +|Dragon Slayer|$ for killing the ender dragon|
 +//Main article:// [[jobs:​advanced|Advanced Jobs]]
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