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Here is a list of things that have been added with the most recent update! Page updated: 7/19/2017 (July 19th 2017)

1.12 [Updated 7/13/2017]

We have updated to 1.12! To check out all the new features visit this link.

New Additions

We have two new pure items to introduce, Pristine Emerald and Pristine Quartz! These will have a small chance of dropping when mining Emerald and Quartz Ore in the Wastelands. These pureores can not currently be obtained any other way.


Brand new for 1.12 and the revamp, we have a stunning new shop. The Architect Team has been hard at work revamping the entire shop making sure that there is a place for every item in the game! There have been several new halls added, including Job Items, an expanded Enchanting hall, and an End Hall separate from the Nether Hall. Visit /shop to see all the new changes! If you need more information on how to set up a shop, visit the Chest Shop page. You may only place 2 chests in the Shop at a time.


Town mobs will be toggled on after the update. /t toggle mobs to turn mobs back off. There will be no Dynmap for any server after the update. The addition back is TBA.

Squashed Bugs:

We finally found that pesky beetle that was causing ally perms to not work correctly, and called in the exterminator! Allies will now be able to help you build that giant Octagami statue you've always dreamed of.

Known Bugs:

/plot set owner does not currently work and will be looked into in the future.

New Features:

The function of /plot fs (#) has now changed. If you enter the command /plot fs 1 it will put plots up for sale in a radius of 1.

To set the price of a plot for sale use the command /t set plotprice ($)

You may notice when you pull up your town info that there is a new permission available.
Town command.png

Mayor and Deputy Mayors are now able to turn on permission for flight for residents, allies and outsiders. This permission is also available to mayors and residents to set in their own personal preferences, such as in individual plots and personally owned plots. Server staff are exempt from these permissions.

Tsetperm command.png Ressetperm command.png

Towny sub-menus have been revamped to include helpful information at your fingertips. Instead of wondering what ranks you can assign your town members, just type in /t rank and help text like this will show up:

T rank command.png

The process to setting a town spawn has been simplified, and no longer requires /t set homeblock. Setting the town spawn will automatically set that chunk to the homeblock! (/t set spawn)

The town bank deposit limit had increased to $1,000,000, and Dynmap now shows town border colors in respect of your town banner (/t set banner)

Plot costs have been updated to the following:

Amount of Plots Cost per plot
10-31 plots $100
32-63 plots $200
64-127 plots $300
128-255 plots $400
256-511 Plots $500
512-767 Plots $1000
768-1024 Plots $2000


End Portal Frame crafting has returned! The recipe utilizes the new Pristine Emeralds that have been introduced.

At level 20 Artisan can craft Ender Portal Frames. You can either do /recipe ender_portal_frame in-game for the recipe, or look below. Note that the recipe requires Pristine Emeralds.


Blacksmith now has new custom recipes! Visit your local Blacksmith (level 40) to obtain a Mending book! They also have the ability to craft Unbreaking I, II, and III books at level 10+.

Blacksmith Level Enchanted Book Recipe
10 Unbreaking I Iron Ingot + 3 XP Bottles + 1 Book
20 Unbreaking II Iron Ingot + 6 XP Bottles + 1 Book
30 Unbreaking III Pure Iron + 1 Bucket of Lesser Enchanting + 1 Book
40 Mending Greater Bucket of Enchanting + Pristine Diamond + 1 Book


Chef is able to craft Enchanted Golden Apples once again! Surround an apple with 8 gold blocks in a crafting table and enjoy your shiny new powers.



Flower Farming has made it's way from the Omniverse to OMM. Punch flowers to get flower seeds and then plant them in flower pots and wait for them to grow! In a few minutes, you can shear the newly grown flowers and repeat as necessary.


Hunter can now craft containment eggs!

Hunter Level Animal Recipe
5 Leather - Captures Basic Animals egg + leather
10 Iron - Captures Tameable Animals egg + iron ingot
20 Gold - Captures Golems and Passives egg + gold ingot

(Level 10+) Hunters get the ability to craft Spawn Eggs by combining the corresponding items using a Crafting Bench or using the /craft command.They will spawn wild, so mobs like Horses, Ocelots, and Wolves must still be tamed after they have been spawned. As the hunter levels up, they will unlock more spawn egg recipes over time.

  • Note all items must be spread out in the crafting area.
Hunter Level Animal Recipe
10 Squid egg + leather x2 + ink sack
20 Ocelot egg + bone + leather x2 + string
30 Wolf egg + bone + leather x2 + stick
40 Polar Bear egg + bone + raw beef + salmon + leather x4

NOTE: There is a 5 minute cooldown for breeding animals spawned from spawneggs.


Material cost of crafting voids has decreased for Inventor. The new recipes are as follows:





Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter has gained the ability to craft Containment Eggs which are used to capture different tiers of monsters.

Monster Hunter Level Type Recipe
20 Diamond - Captures Monsters Egg + Diamond
30 Dragonscale - Captures Strong Monsters 1 Dragon Egg surrounded by 8 Leather
40 Diamondscale - Captures Heroic Monsters 1 Dragon Egg surrounded by 8 Diamonds

The color of the custom mob labels have also changed to the following:

Legendary: Purple

Heroic: Red

Strong: Yellow

Normal (Vanilla Mobs): White


Rancher now has the ability to craft llama, donkey, and mule spawn eggs! The horse spawn egg recipe has also been tweaked. They can also craft containment eggs.

Rancher Level Animal Recipe
40 Horse egg + bone + leather x4 + apple
40 Donkey egg + bone + leather x4 + golden carrot
40 Mule egg + bone + leather x4 + carrot
40 Llama egg + bone + leather x2 + hay bale

Rancher Level Animal Recipe
5 Leather - Captures Basic Animals egg + leather
10 Iron - Captures Tameable Animals egg + iron ingot
20 Gold - Captures Golems and Passives egg + gold ingot

Treasure Hunter

Have you heard about our new colorful parrot friends in the 1.12 update? Search the jungles high or low, or if you are Treasure Hunter level 20, you can now craft parrot spawn eggs!

Level Animal Recipe
20 Parrot egg + bone + cookie + feather x4

Job Bags

Several new job bags have been added, and the whitelist has been greatly expanded! The whitelist for each job bag can be seen here.

Job Holds Recipe
Blacksmith Materials
Pure Iron + Iron Block
Demolished Blocks & Spawners
Pure Iron + TNT
Excavation Drops
Pure Glowstone + Gravel
Traded Items
Pristine Leather + Emerald
Treasure Hunter
Treasure Chest Loot
Pristine Quartz + Gold Block


Petclaim has also been updated so that you have a place to store your new feathery friends. You can use any type of seed to tame parrots.


The Wastelands will now receive bi-weekly resets along with a strong anti-xray protection.


Job Preferences menu (/prefs jobs) have been overhauled to include the ability to toggle money and xp spam from chat to the hotbar! If you enjoy seeing how much cash you earn but don't like it filling up your chat, toggle [Show Action Spam in Hotbar].

You'll also notice the [Show All Actions] toggle, which means it will display information about the job action you just completed. For example, if you are a Builder and paint one of the new Terracotta blocks, you'll see something that says "[J] Dye -> White Glazed Terracotta:1 @ Overworld Town". This is handy if you have a job that requires you to be in a town to receive credit for doing the action.

Another new feature in the Job Preferences menu is the ability to show income multipliers with [Show All Action Multipliers]. This will show you how much your base income and xp are being multiplied by if for example, you are wearing or using Job Items that grant you extra XP.

Sticky Grip is now a preference and no longer an enchant, /pref preventtooldrops.

Mob Changes

Iron Golems and Pigmen will now only drop iron/golden nuggets over ingots.

Heroic and Legendary monsters will now remain spawned for 10 minutes after killing a player (yourself).

Phantom Armor

Phantom armor is finally fixed, and can be toggled by doing /pa.

J Info

Some Artisan XP/Balance yields are currently giving incorrect amounts of XP/Bal.

Some jobs only give credit for being in specific places.