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Getting Started

Hello and welcome to Octagami's Mayhem Multiverse! This short tutorial aims at helping you find your way around the server as well as becoming familiarized with some of the basics that are most likely different from any other Minecraft servers you have played on before.

  • Upon joining the lobby, you'll be provided a server selector. This will allow you to easily choose which server you'd like to play on. If you do not have a Server Selector, or simply wish not to use it, you can use the /menu command to quickly move between servers.
  • Sol, Polaris, Sirius, Vega and Altair are Player Vs. Environment Towny servers. PvP is disabled in most locations in the Towny server.
    • The Shop and Casino servers are apart of Towny, and both have many ammenities geared towards the PvE gameplay.
  • Factions is our PvP server. Unlike Towny, you'll find the true raiding feel that Faction servers have always stuck true to.
  • Trident is our mini-game server. There are lots of fun games to choose from, see Trident for more information on the server, and the games. Note that Trident has PvP enabled in the Trident Lobby.
  • Genesis is our Creative server. You'll immediate have access to all the blocks you'd need for building, as well as access to very easy commands allowing you to get a plot and start off right away!

The Towny servers have Enhanced Vanilla features such as the ability to choose jobs, fight custom mobs, and create towns and nations with your friends. These changes augment traditional gameplay which helps breathe new air into the more tedious aspects. Virtually every Job has custom content, providing a truly unique experience.

Choosing a Job

  • To see available jobs: /jobs browse or /j browse
  • To see job details: /jobs info [job name] or /j info [job name]
  • To join a job: /jobs join [job name] or /j join [job name]
  • To view your job levels and exp within each: /jobs stats or /j stats
  • To view ALL your job levels and exp within ALL: /jobs stats all /j stats all

There are 20 jobs. Pairs of those jobs focus on common practices in Minecraft.

Arcane Professions:
Enchanter (Paid for enchanting items such as weapons, armor, and tools)
Alchemist (Paid for brewing custom and vanilla potions)

Artifice Professions:
Blacksmith (Paid for repairing/crafting weapons, armor, and tools as well as smelting ores)
Inventor (Paid for buildings Redstone machines and working with Redstone)

Construction Professions:
Builder (Paid for building structures)
Demolitionist (Paid for breaking/destroying structures)

Agrarian Professions:
Farmer (Paid for planting/harvesting crops)
Rancher (Paid for breeding/butchering livestock)

Culinary Professions:
Chef (Paid for crafting/cooking custom/vanilla foods)
Fisherman (Paid for fishing and smelting fish)

Frontier Professions:
Explorer (Paid for exploring land)
Treasure Hunter (Paid for opening custom/vanilla treasure-chests and obtaining loot from custom/vanilla monsters)

Commerce Professions:
Artisan (Paid for crafting items/blocks)
Merchant (Paid for trading with villagers)

Martial Professions:
Soldier (Paid for fighting/hitting monsters [not players, server is PvE])
Monster Hunter (Paid for killing monsters)

Subterranean Professions:
Miner (Paid for mining ores and minerals)
Excavator (Paid for flattening/excavating/digging land)

Arboreal Professions:
Arborist (Paid for chopping down trees/breaking logs)
Hunter (Paid for using bows and hunting livestock)

You can join a maximum of 3 jobs upon first joining the server, a further job slot amount ranging from 4-9 are available upon completing the requirements (for every 3 jobs you level up to level 40, you unlock an extra job slot, therefore the max job slots is 9 at 18 level 40 jobs.)

Earning job income and xp is automatic when performing actions related to the job. As you level up your job, your base income increases! For more information on the Jobs available within Octagami's Mayhem Multiverse see our jobs information section.

Finding a Place to Settle/Live/Build

Almost no items or blocks are place-able in the wild of the settlement servers. This is to prevent griefing. If you wish to build, you will need to be in a Town. You can start your town in one of the settlement servers like Sol, Polaris, Sirius, Altair and Vega. If you wish to gather resources, you will need to go to the Wastelands by using the command /warp wastelands or /warp wl. The wastelands server resets every Friday, to replenish the resources.

  • Note: For all these commands, a simple way to access them is to do /menu and click on the item that has the command to do what you need.

Close to the spawn in every settlement server, there are "Random Teleport" signs, which will teleport the player to a random location in the desired settlement server. whereupon they may find a place to create a town. If you are having trouble finding those warp signs, type /rwarp into the chat.

To create a town stand over the piece of land you wish to be your town center and type /t new (town name).

Alternatively you may also join an already existing town on the server. This is accomplished almost exclusively through personally being invited to the town by either a mayor or a deputy mayor.

  • You can make the choice of joining a town or creating a town with the /townchoice command.

For more information on towns and the town system please see the Towny Guide.

Gaining Experience

There are three types of non-interchangeable experience that are gained in OMM:

  • Vanilla Experience; this is the glowing green orbs that are picked up after mining, killing, or smelting. It is indicated by the green bar above your item-selector bar, and below your armor and hunger indicators. You lose Vanilla Experience upon death.
    • This experience is used for enchantments.
  • Jobs Experience; this controls your Job level, the higher level you are, the more experience you get. You do not lose Job Experience upon death.
    • Experience is gained through doing everyday actions, according to your job.
    • You can check the levels of all your jobs with the /j stats command.
  • McMMO Skill experience; this corresponds with your McMMO Skill which is not interchangeable with job experience. You do not lose MCMMO Experience upon death.
    • You can check your McMMO experience with the /mcstats

Death Penalty

Items are not lost upon death. Instead there is exp penalty based on rank. Note that PvP deaths are not penalized

  • New 5%
  • Traveler 10%
  • Settler 15%
  • Citizen 20%
  • NetherWalker 20%
  • Enderkin+ 25%

Ranking Up with Loyalty Points

The LoyaltyPoints plugin tracks your playtime on the server.

  • One Loyalty Point (lp) is worth 5 minutes of playtime.
  • You can check your points with /lp, and total playtime with /lp playtime.
  • You can check days since joining the server with /history, or /lp ratio.

Loyalty Points also allow you to attain higher ranks on the server.

For a complete overview of the ranks available as well as how much LP you will need to gain them, check out Our Ranks Guide.


If all residents in a town are inactive for more than the stated limits, the town will be deleted. The mayor of the town will be refunded the price of the plots.

Inactivity Limits:

  • 9 plot (starting size): 15 days
  • 10-15 plots: 30 days
  • 16-31 plots: 45 days
  • 32-63 plots: 60 days
  • 64-127 plots: 90 days
  • 128+ plots: 1 Year