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Trident is the minigame server, containing many games to relax and compete with others in. This server is entirely separated from the PvE servers. Reach the server by using the command /trident. More stuff will be coming to Trident in the future, so expect even more soon!

General Commands

"game" and "ma" are interchangeable.

"join" can be shorthanded with "j".

"leave" can be shorthanded with "l".

  • /game join [arena] - Joins a game with the arena specified.
  • /game leave - Leaves the game. Sends you back to the Trident lobby.
  • /team - Brings up the team GUI, to select a team.
  • /switch - Brings up the kit selection GUI, to change or select a kit.
  • /game broadcast - Broadcasts to the entire server that you are looking for more players, and provides a convenient chat link to automatically join the game.
  • /game start - Starts the game if there are 2 or more players.
  • /game - Brings up the game select GUI.
  • /leaderboard - Brings of GUI of wins, losses, and win/loss ratios. Clicking on a specific game mode will bring up the complete player list containing their stats.
  • /leaderboard [game] - Brings up list containing stats of players to the specific game mode.
  • /leaderboard all - Brings up list containing overall stats of players for all Trident games.

Game Modes


A free for all against other players, fighting with sword and bow. Person with most kills wins!

Arenas Quick Join Notes
Alpha Centauri /game join alpha Has jump boost effect
Gladiator /game join gladiator None
Stranded /game join stranded None
Pharaoh's Curse /game join curse None
Porcelin Gods /game join pgods None

Hunger Games

A free for all, where players gather items from chests in the middle of the map, and the surrounding area. Battle to the death after the 30 second grace period, with the last player standing wins.

Arenas Quick Join
Forest Ruins /game join forest
Call Of Nature /game join nature
Winter Wonderland /game join wonderland
The Hungry Games /game join hungrygames
Under Construction /game join construction
Forgotten Kingdom /game join forgotten

Team Deathmatch

Teams battle against each other to the death, the team with the most kills wins.

Arenas Quick Join
Gladiator /game join gladiator


There are two teams. When a team's king is slain, that team loses. Otherwise, whatever team has the most kills wins. There are three kits, guard has a sword and axe, assassin has a bow and arrows, and king has a golden sword. There may only be one king per team, as the king can be the deciding factor in a teams win or loss.

Arenas Quick Join
The Ruins of Ruin /game join ruin
Icy Cavern /game join icecave

Capture the Flag

Two teams each with a colored banner, or "flag". Players may pick up the opposing teams flag by right clicking on it. To successfully capture a flag, right click on your own teams flag. It is not possible to capture the opposing teams flag while your own flag is taken, so the opposing flag carrier must be killed. When a flag carrier is killed, the flag will drop, picking up your own flag will return it to your base. First team to 3 captures wins, or the most flags captured within the ten minutes.

Arenas Quick Join
Castle Courtyard /game join courtyard
Hunting Grounds /game join hunt
Clash of Colors /game join clash
Icy Cavern /game join icecave
The Boneyard /game join boneyard


There are two teams, the single juggernaut and the rest of the players. The goal for the juggernaut is to survive as it only has 1 life. The rest of the players have 3 lives each, and to win the game, they must kill the juggernaut before they lose all their lives, or the time runs out. Beware, because the juggernaut has extremely powerful attacks, and a ton of health. The health of the juggernaut will be displayed on the boss bar.

Arenas Quick Join Juggernaut Mob
Librarian's Revenge /game join library Iron Golem
Winter Lodge /game join cabin Iron Golem
Dragon Siege /game join siege Ender Dragon
Mystic Tower /game join mystic Ender Dragon
Ghastly /game join ghastly Ghast
Wither /game join wither Wither


Two teams, the infected/zombies and the humans. The goal for infected is to kill all the players and make them infected, using their unlimited lives. The goal for humans is to survive, as they only have 1 life, and dying causes them to become infected.

Arenas Quick Join
Barrow Downs /game join barrow
Haunted Mansion /game join haunted

Hide and Seek

Two teams, the hiders and the seekers. The team of seekers tries to find all the hiders, who must hide in the trickiest spots they can in the 30 second grace period. Any hiders that are found, and tagged by right click, are out of the game. If all hiders are found seekers win. If any hiders remain, they win.

Arenas Quick Join
Call of Nature /game join nature/span>
Fangorn Forest /game join fangorn
Silent Grotto /game join grotto
Candyland /game join candyland
Hells Kitchen /game join kitchen
Office Space /game join officespace
Stronghold /game join stronghold
Skalavik /game join skalavik


A free for all with the goal of causing other players to fall. Mine the blocks under other players in order to cause them to fall to their doom.

Arenas Quick Join Levels
Bees in Space /game join bee 3
Ice Cake /game join icecake 1
Xor's Grasp /game join xor 3
Frost Castle /game join frostcastle 1


A free for all using snowballs as paint. Using the unlimited snowballs, paint everyone red until they die. Players respawn after each death. Person who paints the most people wins.

Arenas Quick Join
Pac Attack /game join pacman
Snowball's Chance /game join snowball


Make tricky and challenging jumps in this free for all. First one to the end wins.

Arenas Quick Join
Snowball Madness /game join madness
Big Ben /game join bigben
Wipeout /game join wipeout
Alchemist's Manse /game join alchemy
Sky High /game join skyhigh


A free for all with only one goal. To get to the end as fast as you can! Left click with the lead to give the horse speed, but be warned, the horse takes damage and can die. First one to finish wins.

Arenas Quick Join Racing Type
Fish Bowl /game join fishbowl Horses
Whitewater Rapids /game join whitewater Boats